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Find out why you are afraid to love (Based on your astrological sign)


Aries, you are a pioneer and like to live at full speed. You cherish your independence and your space more than anything else.

You are not afraid to go it alone. In fact, you are even more efficient this way.

You are selfish, self-centered, and obsessed with your own needs. You feel like you don’t have the time or energy to take care of someone else.

When it comes to love, your biggest fear is that a partner will slow you down, that they will rob you of that freedom you hold so dear.

You are afraid of losing that sense of autonomy that burns with fierce fire within you.

In truth, you dream of a relationship, of a love for two. You are passionate and you love to love with all your might, but you are afraid of losing that space you need.

You want a secure relationship, without it compromising your freedom and in your experience, things often turn out differently.

You have already left someone or stopped loving them because you ran out of time for yourself. You are afraid of losing your identity again.

Opening your life to someone is also difficult for you. You are impulsive and have already fallen in love quickly, investing yourself with someone before you actually know them.

You have known the burning passion, but eventually being consumed in an instant and that is why today you find it hard to attach yourself.

In fact, you have a hard time engaging for fear of engaging with the wrong person.

Opening up is not something you do naturally. Love terrifies you because it involves revealing your true identity and you are afraid of being rejected or judged.

You are rigid in appearance, but gentle in reality. Some people reproach you for being selfish and you can be, but you are above all anxious like all of us. You are afraid to reveal your personality.

Getting someone into your universe is difficult and if you are successful it is only because that someone is special.

Once you develop feelings for someone, you love with a raging passion.

You are afraid that this intensity will backfire on you, we don’t all carry the same passion with us and you wouldn’t want to scare someone because of it.

And you could quickly suffer, if your feelings are not reciprocated.

You’re afraid of letting someone enter your world, change your routine and lifestyle, allow them to push your limits, and end up heartbroken.


You are stubborn and routine. You hate change, it even terrifies you. Your comfort zone defines your private sphere and you only allow a few people to enter your private space.

You’ve built a real wall, and people often find you distant, even cold. You also built a fortress, preventing love from entering.

You are terribly afraid of losing your independence.

You haven’t relied on anyone but yourself for so long, maybe even learned that few people would be there for you that you don’t want to feel like you depend on someone.

You are afraid to lean on someone and then be abandoned.

You give the impression of being calm but deep down, you are a true romantic , waiting for a love story that lasts for eternity and therefore stability.

You are flirtatious but you have trouble finding someone who matches you since you hope, basically, for a lasting relationship.

You don’t want to rearrange your life and adapt it to someone who will eventually go away and force you to start all over again.

As you fall in love and get into a relationship, you might finally feel that sense of security you crave.

But the thought of finding that security and ending up losing it terrifies you. You don’t want to know security and stability only to escape you.

You may have thought you found the right one before, but you ended up in pain.

You are afraid that you will end up no longer needed, so you tend to forget yourself in favor of the other.

Thus, many people have taken your kind for granted and for weakness.

You are so generous that you may have already been with partners who did not respect your limits.

Now, you have a hard time letting a man approach you and giving you the chance to experience something new.

So it is difficult for you to know whether or not you will manage to find that undying love that you have always dreamed of.


You are unpredictable. The only thing that is predictable with you is the fact that you will never stop changing your mind.

Your curiosity about life, others and everything around you is limitless.

You are afraid of love because you are afraid of being limited in some way.

You belong to an air sign, aerial and having a tendency to flutter, without ever staying still.

You like having a choice and a relationship scares you, in the sense that you would always wonder if this person is the right one or not.

Part of you is afraid to constantly question yourself about your other possibilities. You also live with the fear of losing your interest in your partner.

You want to love, flirtatious as you are, and even if you are drawn to novelty. You dream of meeting someone who is resourceful, who matches you and who broadens your horizon.

You are afraid of falling in love and that it will not be enough, you are afraid that it is not as important as your desire for freedom and your curiosity.

What scares you the most is the calm that love brings. You are thirsty for experiences and changes and you are afraid that a stable relationship will only bring you boredom.

You constantly need to have this feeling of discovering and evolving over the course of life. You are afraid that love will hold back all of this.

You don’t want to love someone and then realize that you don’t love them anymore.

You are also afraid of getting lost. Part of you thinks that loving means losing your adventurous nature, your social life, and even your free spirit.

You tend to go from one short-lived relationship to another and not get too involved.

But once you allow yourself to invest, you sacrifice and give, maybe even a little too much. You are too generous and have certainly lost some feathers.

Maybe keep your distance so that you don’t lose your identity.


Cancer, you belong to the sweetest and caring sign of the zodiac. You care deeply about others and are not afraid to show your sensitivity.

You love people and invest 100% in your relationships, without even thinking that you might be in pain.

You are loyal and dedicated, even when in contact with selfish or toxic partners.

You may have had unhealthy compromises for the sake of a relationship or sacrificed your well-being for love, and you may have suffered because of someone showing no gratitude to you.

You don’t want to relive that type of disappointment and the pain that comes with it.

You are afraid of love because you don’t want to feel belittled. When you love, you offer your heart and soul and you are afraid that you will only receive indifference in return.

Like your counterpart, Scorpio, you are afraid that you will not be loved as intensely as you love.

When it comes to love, your expectations are high and that’s what gets you a little on the sidelines, because you don’t want to settle for mediocre love or just be an option .

If it’s not a fairy tale, you feel like it’s not for you.

You don’t want to waste your time with someone who’s not the right one. Love is serious business for you, something that is not taken lightly.

Choosing to love someone is choosing for the long term. You crave closeness and need emotional security more than anything else.

Your past disappointments and hurts have traumatized you. You are afraid of having misconceptions, of a relationship that will eventually shatter.

You are afraid of falling in love with someone who is unreliable.

Your sensitive nature makes you afraid to open up. Deep down, you are anxious and constantly wonder if you are good enough.

And you’re afraid to let someone in who feels the same way.

You are terribly afraid of rejection and of being “seen”. You fight in order to be able to open up, also because you are afraid to reveal your sweetness.

You are afraid to reveal your sensitivity and your kindness and thus be at the mercy of another.

This is why it seems easier to take care of others, since that assumes that you will not be vulnerable …

And to open up to love is to be at the height of vulnerability.


The fifth house, the house of lovers, love and expressiveness is that of Leo. You love everything that has to do with love.

It is among the things that you prefer. You like to fall in love, you like to talk about love, you like love.

Falling in love is easy; staying that way and finding the right person is much more difficult. In a way, you are afraid of love because you are afraid of being disappointed.

When it comes to choosing a partner, you are extremely picky and demanding, for fear of settling for the wrong person.

And that’s okay, but in your case, it’s a bit excessive and it becomes an excuse to push potential partners away.

Leo, you belong to the most generous sign in the zodiac and you’d rather give than receive, but you need someone who is as generous as you are.

Gifts don’t interest you as much as affection and emotional chemistry.

You are afraid that your emotional needs will not be met and you know that in this case, you will get bored of your partner very quickly.

You need admiration, respect and dedication. It is possible that these are things that you have given before, without receiving them in return.

You may have loved more than others and also may have experienced more heartache than average.

You don’t want to know this sadness anymore. You are terrified of reliving the pain of a separation and even more terrified that someone could lie to you.

Let’s be honest, your past has left you with some trust issues.

One of your biggest fears in love is that your partner will eventually stop loving you. And that’s partly because of your anxieties.

You are so afraid of rejection that you tend to push others away, before they do it themselves.

You let love slip through your fingers as you convince yourself that letting someone go is best.

Your pride and your pragmatism are very important to you and you are afraid that love will compromise these qualities because when it comes to love, you let your feelings and your instincts guide you.

You need to be in control and thus love scares you since you absolutely don’t want to give up on it. You don’t like to lose power and experience feelings such as love, jealousy or grief.

Your need for independence is fundamental and losing it terrifies you.


People will only see in you what you allow them to see. You live surrounded by protective walls and are good at hiding your so-called flaws.

You struggle to feel beautiful and worthy. This inferiority complex stems from your analytical and critical nature. Yes, you are tough on others, but you are even harder on yourself.

You have a heightened awareness of your flaws and weaknesses.

You dream of perfectionism and your demands prevent you from realizing that you are worthy of being loved.

So you get into a vicious cycle and only attract people who are emotionally unstable, destroyed and lost, as if you only feel worthy of them.

You are afraid of being with someone who deserves you, because you would be constantly afraid of not deserving it.

You have a deep fear of love because of what real chemistry involves. The thought of opening up and exposing yourself terrifies you.

Not only are you afraid that your sensitive and vulnerable heart will be discovered, but in addition you are afraid of discovering things about yourself that you do not like and therefore might not please the other.

Your expectations of yourself are so high that you are afraid that you will not meet those of a potential partner.

This is another part of your life where you let your analytical thinking take over your feelings.

Perhaps you have become aware of that dream you were having without knowing it – to be discovered by someone. Intimacy scares you, but deep down, you crave it more than anything else.

Maybe by letting someone in, you got your heart broken and ended up alone or unloved.

You now carry with you a constant fear of being betrayed and subconsciously push away all potential mates.

You are constantly swinging between extreme paranoia and overconfidence.

You need someone to trust, but you’re afraid of falling in love with someone who will be more important to you than you will be to theirs.

Another consequence of your inferiority complex.


Libra, while your miserable indecision and fear of loneliness may prompt you to have more short-lived adventures than necessary, you have a deep urge to love your head spinning.

You belong to one of those signs that dreams of true love. In fact, finding a suitable match is one of your top priorities in life.

You crave a deep, meaningful relationship, and you won’t be satisfied with anything less in love.

You dream of a love that prompts you to give your body, mind and soul to each other.

But your desire for love like this is in constant struggle with your fear of reality.

A bit like Virgos, you have an heightened awareness of your own faults.

Certainly because you are a little too concerned with conveying an ideal image of yourself, and because you are too interested in what other people think.

You are charming, excel in the art of light conversation, are smiling and affable but you are afraid to go beyond appearances.

Intimacy scares you because you don’t want to dive into the crazy realm of feelings. You are deep but don’t know how to deal with your feelings. So you talk a lot, but without saying too much.

You are afraid to reveal your weak points because you don’t like to be a source of disappointment. You worry more about hurting others than hurting yourself.

Keeping everything peaceful and harmonious is so important to you that you tend to ignore issues and silence your own pain.

All of this has caused you heartache and made you feel lonely.

This is something that you now avoid by going first, thus avoiding being abandoned.

You are so afraid of loneliness that you reject love rather than embrace it with open arms.

The way you operate is strange: you run away from love so as not to be abandoned.


It is clear that your frank fear of love arises from your deep fear of betrayal. You naturally have a hard time trusting others, especially those close to you.

And this fear is even deeper than one might think, it is accompanied by a fear of rejection and abandonment.

But the thing that you are even more afraid of, more afraid of than being betrayed or trusting the wrong person, is to be “discovered”.

You expect others to be 100% honest and open with you, but you only show them what you want them to see.

You seem friendly and warm, but you are actually so reserved and reluctant to talk about yourself that people don’t even realize it.

Some tell you mysterious and you are actually secretive. You might seem calm and peaceful, but you are hiding a lot of emotions inside you.

And your partners all quickly realize that they’ll never really know you.

You are afraid to love because you are afraid to reveal your true identity to the wrong person. If you open up, you want it to be for life.

You will only entrust your secrets, your thoughts, your feelings, your shame, your past and what you are to one person.

This will be the person you love with a burning and fierce passion. And you’re afraid you’ll only do that to end up being betrayed, your heart crushed and almost irreparable as it might have been in the past, because you did something you never did: to expose yourself, to show a grandiose love so as to face only disloyalty.

If we had to choose only one word to describe you, it would be; intense.

Your intensity is overwhelming, especially when it comes to love and you never do anything by halves, especially when it comes to love.

When you love, you love deeply, completely, and to a certain extent, unconditionally.

You love love and passion and even your arguments are inflamed. You are frankly honest. You have been told before that you “do too much” for those you love.

Since you are afraid of giving that impression again then, you try to stay in control, refusing to be rejected once again.

You are afraid of being dependent on someone. You have already loved deeply, allowing that person to become your universe.

To a point where your partner was your one and only source of happiness and comfort.

After this aborted relationship, you did a lot of work on yourself to find joy again and it took a long time.

You are afraid of loving because you are afraid of losing yourself for someone again.

But your fear secretes, perhaps the most buried is the fear of happiness. You take everything so seriously in life that it almost becomes a matter of life and death.

Life is such a roller coaster and you just don’t know how to embrace happiness when it’s in front of you.

True love can be in front of you and all you can do is tell yourself it’s too good to be true and then do what you always do: get paranoia, get into a logic of self-destruction and sabotage.


Sagittarius, you are energetic and curious, and you have an incredible thirst for life. You dream of love, but even more intense experiences and adventures. For you, a boring life is like not living at all.

You are afraid of love because you are afraid of being bored or boring.

You want passion and excitement every day and you’re afraid you won’t experience that if you just settle for love and its routine.

Your hardened celibacy does not stem only from your fear of monotony, but also from your feeling that you must proudly protect your freedom.

You are naturally restless and nomadic, afraid of staying in one place for too long.

You don’t hold on and run away before you get too close to someone.

Your fear of commitment isn’t really one, but rather comes from your fear of monotony.

You’re afraid that love is just slowing down and you don’t want to sacrifice the things that are most important to you.

No longer traveling, no longer meeting new people, having new experiences would be like giving up the life you love.

You are afraid of love because you don’t want to make someone feel like a drag on your feet.

In truth, you know very well that if someone is to be afraid, it is rather your other half and not the other way around.

Your partner will have to adapt to your personality and not the other way around. The only way to do it is yours.

You need someone who lets you flourish and shine, lets you do whatever you want, and is with you along the way.

You once felt like you were held back by love, so you are afraid today that you will never find the right person.

Although you have a reputation for flirting, you are extremely devoted in love.

You are an idealist, especially in love, and you are afraid to land with the wrong person and settle for mediocrity.

You don’t want to get attached to someone and end up finding that they “just don’t get it”.

You hate nothing more than being emotionally manipulated and you have been in the past.

You won’t take it anymore and you don’t have the patience to cry anymore. If things don’t go well, you go.

Your simple logic and boundless honesty save you every time. Honestly, you don’t want to have to deal with a situation that escalates or crumbles.


You have impressive self-control, you are responsible, motivated and disciplined. You are afraid of love because it is inherently dangerous and unpredictable.

You need to think, analyze and have a plan.

Love can be uncertain so you have to be very careful. You don’t want to open up, just so that he wreaks havoc on your life or pushes you out of control.

You hate failure and love is not something you want to fail in. You are realistic and do not see life in pink, nor love.

You know that once you give in, it will be for life. You don’t like compromise and you carry a lot on your shoulders.

In fact, love is an investment for you. You invest your effort, your time, your money and yourself.

To fail in this area would be a huge shock and make you feel like you have been used and impoverished.

It’s hard to win over yourself, but once your walls have given way, you’re overly invested and loyal, almost stubbornly.

And this scares you because you know you won’t leave, even if you have to.

It is difficult for you to turn around, when you have entered someone’s life and let them enter yours.

It is not easy to get to know yourself and you are cautious about which ones you let go of more in depth.

You don’t want to give up on what you’ve spent so long to gain. This is also linked to your fear of failure. You don’t want to do this and find yourself alone.

Your pride and how the world sees you is paramount. You are terrified that love will make you look like a fool.

You are afraid that the pain following this will become public and turn into humiliation. You don’t want to appear weak.

You want to appear to be strong. You don’t want your vulnerabilities and anxieties to show through, so you tend to shy away from your feelings and build defenses.

You have no problem with letting others rely on you, but loving would mean relying on someone else and that’s what scares you. Because you would no longer have the control or the hand.


You have a deep need for solitude and freedom. You see the world as a place full of possibilities.

You are afraid of love because you don’t want to feel limited or hampered.

When you are in love, you are loyal and dedicated. You offer your partner the independence you want to receive in return, seeing them as an equal and you are anything but possessive but are afraid that you will not receive the same in return.

You have already had stories that collapsed because your partner wanted you to choose them at the expense of your independence.

It was stifling. You are an idealist and dream of true love, but you have this great capacity to distance yourself from yourself and you use it in order to maintain your independence, thus living many short stories.

But that doesn’t mean you don’t want to find a partner. You are just afraid that you won’t find the perfect match, someone who can understand how important your individuality is to you.

You don’t want to be in a relationship where each of you lose track of who you really are.

You know from experience that it’s hard to find someone who understands your unconventional outlook on life and your freedom of mind, someone willing to rewrite the rules of love by your side.

You don’t want to be normal and ordinary.

You’re worried that your relationships will lose authenticity as you try to tick off the items on the list and do what’s expected of you.

You don’t want a love like everyone else.

You are also terribly afraid of not being accepted, of not receiving validation from others. And this is due to the high demands you have on yourself as well as your pride.

You are afraid of love because it means being transparent 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You are afraid to be honest about your personality.

You are intuitive but you trust everyone. Some might even say that you are naive and gullible.

Your kindness has already been abused. Your reason takes precedence over your feelings and you don’t want to lose your mind.

You are afraid that love will make you stupid. You have depended on others too much in the past and ended up on your own. You are afraid of going through the same thing again.


Pisces, you are afraid that you will be taken advantage of. You are selfless and do all you can to help others, never expecting anything in return.

You accept a lot of things and more than finding love, you want to help others.

You are often drawn to tortured souls, and your need to help others often causes you to set no limits. You often felt like you were being used.

You are afraid of love because you no longer want to experience such a feeling and you know that you cannot help but give yourself completely to others.

You’ve thought you were in love many times. People only have one thing to do: tell you what you want to hear, to make you feel like you’re in love.

It’s not your fault, you are an incorrigible romantic, looking for her other half .

But it never lasts and you have known, again and again, only disappointments. You are afraid of love because you know you are getting attached too quickly.

You want to avoid being heartbroken at all costs, it has happened too many times before. Your loyal and considerate nature is solely responsible.

You are a staunch generous person, and you’ve only known too many partners who just took, until there was nothing left.

You don’t want to experience this void anymore. You are afraid that another heartache, another abandonment, another blow will definitely break you and prevent you from ever having faith in love again.

Find out why you are afraid to love (Based on your astrological sign)

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