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Who are those who fall in love the fastest (ranking according to the signs of the zodiac)

1. Lion

For you, it’s love at first sight – a blink of an eye and you’re in love . As he leans in to give you a first kiss, you stop him to say “I love you”. And when you fall in love, you hold on fiercely, sometimes to the point of being criticized for your possessiveness and jealousy. But if the man you fall in love with doesn’t realize he’s the luckiest in the world, he won’t be around for long.

2. Fish

You can fall in love with someone before you even meet them. You are in love with the very concept of love. Dedicated, passionate and committed, love is what moves you. When you fall in love – which happens very quickly – you are swimming in an ocean of love. Love grows within you at the speed of light and takes root deeper than the earth itself in the universe.

3. Balance

You are ruled by Venus, the planet of love. You fall for pretty faces and as soon as a charming man smiles at you, you run to buy the wedding rings. You are also very vulnerable to fine talkers. Some would tell you a little superficial, more likely to fall for a man with a well-shaped jawbone and fresh out of jail than any guy with millions in his bank account. But what do they know about love anyway?

4. Gemini

You have a lot of abuse, but what about love? I don’t think I’m wrong in saying that you hate faster than you fall in love. To truly fall in love, you have to woo yourself. A candlelit dinner and a glass of wine. Pampered in maintenance. Maybe you never totally fall in love. But if you ever do ever really fall in love, it will be hard for you to stay that way.

5. Sagittarius

In your eyes, love is a game , a game in which you prefer to officiate. Your sensitivity and your independence prevent you from venturing onto this shady ground that is love. You don’t like to lose control of your feelings and yet this is what happens when you fall in love. Have you noticed that we use the term “to fall” – we don’t “fly” towards love, as if we have some hold on our wings. No, we’re falling off the edge of a precipice.

6. Scorpio

One of the most romantic signs is that lust is often more important to you than love. You like to feel powerful and falling in love makes you vulnerable. Love is important to you, but not enough to run the risk of losing your autonomy and independence. It takes time, but when you fall in love, you surrender to the fall. But if a man betrays you in any way, you will have no trouble chasing that love as fast as it comes.

7. Aries

You are a bit more on your guard than other signs, and your dominance means protecting your feelings. Strong and self-centered, you are not so eager to give up your heart. You don’t like “weak” men and it would almost take a man riding his white horse to make your head spin. Falling in love takes time for you. Then, it happens … Slowly … Then suddenly. Once you fall, you really fall… Like one would fall into the Grand Canyon.

8. Cancer

A strong shell protects your heart so it doesn’t break. It also covers a pot of boiling feelings, because you desire to love and be loved more than anything in the world. But, the deep fear of being hurt prompts you to be on your guard. The fear of rejection keeps you from immediately sinking into the endless abyss of love. But when you fall, you fall whole. The man you fall in love with will be a lucky man.

9. Capricorn

You take longer than most people, due to your great shyness. You need someone to heal your ego before you can give your heart to them. You are like Rapunzel in her tower – protected by stone walls, you will stretch your long hair and allow whatever is the right one and for which you have feelings to climb. He needs to be persuasive before you let him get to your heart.

10. Aquarius

For you, love sets in slowly… but not surely. You place more importance on friendship than on love. Even if he is already head over heels in love with you, you will certainly still present him to those close to you as a “friend”. The idea being that you lead your own boat … If you fall in love, it will not be deep, nor too long.

11. Taurus

You think with your reason and not with your heart. Above all, you are looking for security, which is more pragmatic than romantic. For you, love doesn’t come as a powerful, explosive wave, but rather like a drip from a tap. You fall in love easily and get on with it in less time than it takes to tell.

12. Virgo

Just like a virgin, you take your time. It is likely that you lost your virginity before you fell in love for the first time. The main problem is not that you are cold-hearted but rather that you are picky – some would even say that you are looking for the little beast. You look for the faults in him, as a sergeant would inspect a military barracks. You are a perfectionist, maybe even a little bitchy. It takes so long for you to fall in love that men are waiting for your whistle behind a line!

Who are those who fall in love the fastest (ranking according to the signs of the zodiac)

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