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What magical gift have you been given? Answer based on your date of birth

Witches don’t believe in luck. Of course, there are lots of “spells” and incantations intended to bring us luck… But that is precisely why we do not believe in chance!

Witches conjure and make their dearest wishes come true. And nothing happens without a reason. From an alchemy, occult science and numerology perspective, your date of birth is no accident.

Indeed, this one tells us a lot about the magic gift which has been granted to you and which you may not even be aware of.

Your date of birth tells us what your magical gift is:

It doesn’t matter whether you believe in magic or not. Whether you know which number is yours (based on your date of birth) doesn’t matter either.

You are endowed with a magical gift or rather a specific sensitivity to the magical world, whether you are aware of it or not! But know that if you realize it and cultivate it, it could be of great help to you!

To find out what your magical gift is, all you need to do is add up the numbers that make up your date of birth until there is only one left. For example, if you were born on December 3, 1983, your number is 9 (3 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 3 = 27 = 9).

And as you will soon find out, your number is invaluable. Indeed, by knowing it, you could become aware of what life has in store for you and above all, of the goals that are (truly) yours.

Number 1 (the magician)

The number 1 corresponds to creation . It is said that those born under this number can make great wizards because they are endowed with the power to assert their wills.

And you are endowed with an iron will! That being said, don’t try to manipulate or control those around you.

Your field of action: expression and courage

Number 2 (the empath)

You are extremely sensitive to the energies around you . So, as you grew up, you learned to sense others, their intentions and desires, thus becoming endowed with great compassion.

Your magical gift resides in your heart and in your sixth sense, allowing you to feel the energies around you. And it’s a gift you should use to assuage the grief of those who cross your path.

Likewise, use your gift to recharge your own energies by healing the links you have with the surrounding nature.

Your field of action: dreams and intuition

Number 3 (the triple moon)

This figure concentrates the three lunar phases . Therefore, witches believe that you are an instrument of the threefold God and the threefold goddess. You are concentrating both a creative and a destructive force.

The ancient rule that tells us to “be careful what you want” must be your mantra since your magical gift gives you the opportunity to make your thoughts and desires come true.

Your field of action: creation and destruction

Number 4 (the elementalist)

The number 4 is linked to the 4 elements: fire, water, air and earth . Your inner self is in balance with these 4 elements and that is why you are extremely pragmatic.

You attract the energies of the elements and it is impossible to curse yourself. Since the 4 elements tend to create a magical force around them, you are a real shield against negativity.

Your field of action: elementary magic

Number 5 (the medium)

If the number 4 symbolizes the 4 natural elements (fire, air, water and earth), the number 5 symbolizes the fifth: the spiritual (ether in ancient Greece) . Those born under its influence are connected to the spiritual realm and are able to easily ward off powers from beyond.

It is for this reason that people born under the number 5 often make excellent mediums!

Your field of action: get in touch with spirits and ancestral magic.

Number 6 (the solar apprentice)

The number 6 symbolizes the sun and all that is related to our source of light . Therefore, great and powerful energies are unfolding within you. Your magical gift comes directly from the sun.

You are a healer and a leader. But with such great power, also arise great responsibilities. Learn to use your great powers while remaining ethical!

Your field of action: ritual magic, incantations and healing

Number 7 (the lunar apprentice)

The number 7 symbolizes the moon and all the magic coming directly from this great lady of the night . Your magic gift is pure, untamed magic coming straight from the moon.

To follow a magic ritual is extremely strange for you, since everything comes naturally to you. You rarely do the same thing twice. Endowed with a foolproof intuition, you are always improvising.

But you have another magical gift: you have premonitory dreams. And if you could decipher them correctly, you could work wonders!

Your field of action: premonitory visions and dreams.

Number 8 (the traditional witch)

The number 8 is the one that is considered to concentrate the greatest magic . The number 8 is associated with the 8 witches’ sabbaths or even with the 8 corners of the world. If your birth number is 8, know that the power is flowing through your veins.

That being said, it will only take its full power if you manage to tame it and celebrate the Sabbaths. You are endowed with great intuition and know how to distinguish the true from the false.

Your field of action: energy management and alchemy

Number 9 (the shaman) 

The last number symbolizes the meeting of all the things mentioned above . It symbolizes the place from which everything ends and everything begins again. This is why you get to see things that others don’t see.

Your magical gift lies in your artistic and creative nature. You have access to specific perspectives. And that’s why, you know how to heal.

Since this number is related to death and rebirth, you have the natural gift of sensing the ghosts and spirits around you. And if you manage to master this gift, you will be able to transcend the world, just like shamans.

Your field of action: astral projection and the magic totem

What magical gift have you been given? Answer based on your date of birth

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