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Intimacy and passion: the 5 most fusional couples of the zodiac

When everything is going well in your relationship, you think you have found your soul mate. Yes, you think you are in a relationship with the person who is going to be your lifelong partner.

Sometimes it is! Other times it’s just a fantasy, a lie that you repeat to yourself quite often and that ends up being the truth. Your truth!

And as soon as things turn sour, you doubt your better half. Is this really the person I’m meant to be with forever?

After all, love is not enough. You can have the best of intentions and go to great lengths, but when the compatibility isn’t right, it all falls apart.

Indeed, if you want your relationship to function, you need to find someone who has a past similar to yours, someone whose goals align with others. 

And above all, a person whose present is in harmony with yours. In short, to be sure that you are compatible with your other half, you must be able to create a strong emotional bond.

To do this, you can rely on the stars. Indeed, astrology can be very useful in your search for a healthy and united love life.

So what are the signs that make the best couples? Who are you supposed to date if you want to find harmony and compatibility.

5. Libra and Scorpio

The romantic relationship between a person born under the sign of Libra and someone born under the sign of Scorpio begins with a very strong friendship.

Indeed, their structured characters are perfectly compatible to form a strong and intense union. Moreover, these two natives are extremely social.

Libra natives enjoy attracting the attention of others and being surrounded by people who will almost adore them. However, the natives of Scorpio are literally obsessed with what is happening in the lives of others.

So this astrological combination is a perfect union. These two zodiac signs both know how to please others and how to make them happy.

This is why this couple works so well! Certainly, at the beginning, it takes them a long time to find their rhythm and create a harmonious life.

But, once they get to know each other, the bond they develop is extremely strong. Between them there is no limit or barrier. So everything is possible!

4. Aquarius and Gemini

The saying “opposites attract” is what can best describe the couple formed by a native / native of Aquarius and someone born under the sign of Gemini.

Gemini natives are known for their unstable, changeable and almost sporadic nature. However, people born under the sign of Aquarius are very methodical, rational and logical.

So you are probably wondering how this couple can work so well ?! Well, they completely complement each other. And their romantic relationship is one of the most intense and deep in the zodiac.

Each pushes the other out of their comfort zone and together they explore different philosophies of life. And honestly, each of them needs to have new experiences.

Separately, they would fail to reach their potential. But, together, they can overcome any limits they previously thought impassable.

3. Taurus and Virgo

This is perhaps the most obvious perfect couple in the zodiac. As with the previous combination, it might seem that this relationship is made up of two completely different, even opposing, people.

Which is true for many areas of life. But, when it comes to sentimental life, Taurus and Virgo are the couple who have the deepest and most intense relationship.

The biggest thing these two have in common is the fact that they both hate change, unpredictability and the unknown. In short, they like their little routine.

By nature, they are determined, perfectionists, and always finish what they start. In fact, they also set ambitious goals and do everything possible to achieve them.

Taurus and Virgo are a strong couple who work extremely well together. Especially when it comes to preventing others from making a difference. In short, they want everything to stand still.

2. Cancer and Pisces

People born under the sign of Cancer and Pisces are emotional, sensitive and empathetic. Which may seem like a terrible combination to form a couple.

Still, this romantic relationship really works. Indeed, in addition to the qualities mentioned above, these two signs of the zodiac are extremely altruistic.

They constantly make efforts and really invest in their married life. So, they both go out of their way to make their partner happy.

1. Sagittarius and Aries

Adventure! This is the word that could best describe the romantic relationship between a person born under the sign of Sagittarius and a person born under the sign of Aries.

Sagittarius natives are adventurers by nature. Always ready for new experiences. They hate being frozen and stuck in one place.

In short, they often need a change of scenery and especially to experience something new, unique. But where to find someone who can keep up with this pace.

Well, Aries natives are the ideal candidates. Indeed, these people like to go on an adventure and take risks. Exploring the unknown is therefore the mantra of this couple.

Aries are go-getters and never hesitate to step out of their comfort zone. This is why the romantic relationship between these two zodiac signs is very intense and deep. 

Intimacy and passion: the 5 most fusional couples of the zodiac

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