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How long does it take for each zodiac sign to recover from a breakup?

The ranking of the zodiac signs that have the most difficulty moving forward after a breakup

Of course, each of us experiences a romantic separation in our own way. But, if there is anything certain it is that we all suffer, especially when we have been left.

No matter how long your relationship is, pain, misunderstanding, and doubts come over you when it comes to an abrupt end.

While you thought you were going to spend the rest of your days with your partner, he or she decided otherwise.

The other chose to put an end to it. And, even if your relationship was not looking good, it came as a shock to you.

How to get back to a single life? How to heal from a lost love?

However, sometimes, the breakup is done by mutual agreement if the two partners realize that their relationship does not satisfy them or that it lacks passion or even love.

But, this situation is rather rare. We do not often see two partners being on the same wavelength when it comes to a separation.

So, do you want to know how you or your partner will react to the breakup?

Do you want to know what to expect if you are the person who decides to end your relationship? Follow the guide…

Who has the most problems during a breakup?

It’s no secret that astrology can help you discover what your greatest qualities are but also how you react in certain situations.

For example, if you were born under the sign of Sagittarius, you are an extremely optimistic person.

And, you face every problem with a positive attitude and a bag full of hope.

It is the same in every aspect of your life.

Astrology can tell you what kind of partner suits you the most or what profession you should exercise according to your personality.

In this case, we are going to be interested in what the zodiac has to tell us when you find yourself in a situation of romantic separation.

Who among all the signs has the most difficulty accepting the breakup?

Who doesn’t know how to move on after a romantic disappointment?

Depending on the stars, some zodiac signs are better equipped than others to cope with sentimental failure and heal their broken heart. Let’s find out together what these signs are.

The ranking of signs that cannot recover from a breakup, from best to worst:

1. The Lion

The natives of Leo do not waste too much time after a breakup, that is to say, they do not cry for ages like some.

When their romantic relationship ends, they don’t allow themselves to be controlled by the past or by this failure. They don’t torture themselves in order to understand the why and the how.

Instead, they prefer to look straight ahead, into the future.

For them, the future is full of hope and exciting new experiences. So why let yourself be demoralized by a failed romantic relationship?

For people born under the sign of Leo, it is much more important to focus on the positive in life so they recover from a breakup very easily. This does not mean that they are not in pain.

They are human, after all! So, like everyone else, these people are going through a painful period and must mourn their ex-relationship.

But, they choose to do so by going out and busy with work or exciting activities.

This is their way of dealing with separation: they do not seek to relive the past or to gain pity from others.

2. Sagittarius

People born under the sign of Sagittarius don’t recover from a breakup as easily as our previous sign.

They often choose to isolate themselves in order to take time for herself and for their healing. But, even if they wonder what could have happened, they very quickly come to realize that life must go on.

So, the natives of Sagittarius let themselves be carried by life. They are open to new opportunities and to all that their existence has to offer.

And, important thing: they don’t lie to each other!

They don’t try to convince themselves that everything will be fine in a few days. They take the time to heal and therefore their natural optimism resurfaces over time.

3. Aries

People born under the sign of Aries have very exciting personalities and if they weren’t they would be left with their hearts broken for a very long time.

This type of person can’t sit still for too long so they can’t cry forever after a lost love.

While many choose to stay snuggled up in bed, Aries will come out and engage in new activities to forget about the breakup.

He or she needs to occupy the mind with something completely different so as not to think about the fact that he or she is single again.

So when Aries goes out, focuses on new passions, or celebrates, his or her heart is forced to follow him or her and therefore forget the pain he is feeling.

4. Pisces

The natives of this sign are not the type to lie about their feelings so they are quite open when it comes to talking about their breakup.

After a separation, the pain is indeed present and Pisces will have no trouble admitting it.

What’s interesting is that it’s their honesty and sensitivity that help them get over a breakup more easily than most people.

Talking about what happened allows them to move forward.

Which makes sense when you think about it.

Hiding their emotions, on the other hand, would only make the situation worse. With this state of mind, the heart has time to adjust to single life and gradually begins to heal.

5. Capricorn

Practicality is what characterizes a person born under the sign of Capricorn. And, romantic relationships (and disappointments) are no exception.

In general, she has everything planned: her plans are clear and precise. So, you might think that a breakup would put all this in danger, but no …

This type of person even manages to plan for separation. Practicality, we tell you …

Since he or she has his or her feet firmly on solid ground, Capricorn will find and put in place the perfect plan to heal from their disappointment in love and even forget about it.

First, he or she will give himself or herself a reasonable time to heal and then he or she will take back control of his or her life. And, thus, Capricorn will easily accept the separation.

6. Cancer

Admittedly, known as the most sensitive and emotional sign of the zodiac, Cancer still does not deserve the last place.

Why ? Quite simply because, despite the hell that people born under this sign live after a separation, they face it with dignity and with their heads held high.

Just like Pisces, these don’t hide their feelings.

These people are open about the pain they are feeling from the breakup and they are ready to talk about it and try to figure out what happened.

Their open-mindedness helps them overcome disappointment in love much more easily than people who keep everything to themselves. Sensitive, yes… Depressive, no!

7. Libra

Generally speaking, people native to this sign have a lot of questions after a breakup. After all, it is one of their character traits: they are never sure of anything!

So you can imagine what’s going on in their head in a situation like this where all the emotions are mixed up.

And, even if they get their questions answered, they don’t know what to think or say about the breakup.

People born under the sign of Libra go crazy imagining what could have happened. They dissect everything and this prevents them from forgiving and forgetting.

Instead of moving forward, they get stuck in their minds with hundreds of thoughts that haunt them. Ultimately, they are their own worst enemy, in that sense.

8. The Virgin

People native to this sign tend to make an elephant out of a mouse: they exaggerate everything!

So, it is quite normal to see them complicate and amplify the breakup.

Instead of approaching the situation in a calm and rational manner, they blame themselves for everything that has happened.

According to them, the separation is their fault and they will also miss whatever they do in their life after it.

When a person who was born under the sign of Virgo sees that their life is going through a difficult or negative period, they no longer see anything positive.

She thinks too much about every situation she finds herself in and therefore loses sight of what is really important.

This type of person doesn’t know how or when to end this vicious, negative cycle of thinking.

9. Gemini

Even though breaking up is not the biggest problem for people born under this sign, when something like this happens, it devastates them completely.

Yet if they are willing to face the truth and admit that they have been hurt, they could easily recover from a separation.

But, this is usually not the attitude Gemini takes.

They prefer to lie to themselves saying that everything is fine and it makes the situation worse.

So instead of pretending they’re okay, Gemini should instead try to understand that the only way to move forward after a breakup is to accept what happened and get on with it. control of their lives.

10. Aquarius

Another sign that likes to lie to itself. People who are native to Aquarius always think they’ve recovered from a breakup when they usually haven’t.

They are very good at ignoring their pain and pushing back the inevitable – having to deal with separation. And, sooner or later, they feel the negative consequences of their decision.

Denying the fact that they are injured only makes the situation they find themselves in worse.

This kind of person chooses to close their eyes and not act immediately.

But, at some point the situation becomes unbearable and he or she still has to deal with his injuries and the rejection he or she felt.

11. The Scorpio

People born under the sign of Scorpio really aren’t equipped to cope with breakup.

Instead of talking to someone they trust and opening up, they close in entirely.

Which transforms a romantic separation into a more serious or even dangerous situation.

They blame themselves for everything that has happened and make completely rash decisions.

Maybe Scorpio chooses to build walls of protection around him or her because that person has been hurt in the past and is afraid it will happen again.

But, it also prevents it from healing properly. And, the situation is getting worse by the day. Until it finally exploded, or rather imploded.

12. The Taurus

And, here is our big winner or rather loser: the Taurus.

People born under this sign are very passionate and they really enjoy being in a romantic relationship.

They love the idea of ​​sharing everything with their loved one so when that sharing is interrupted they cry over and over again.

After a breakup, this kind of person tends to just think about how before everything was perfect. He or she gets stuck in the past.

Instead of looking to the future and all the opportunities open to him or her, Taurus really takes their time moving forward and trying to heal after a separation.

Moreover, this period of denial can last a very long time. And, generally, only an outside intervention can push him or her to come out of his lethargy.

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