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According to the zodiac, what are the 6 Best pairs of friends?

We often consult the zodiac looking for clues about our love life, advice on our new or future partners … But have you ever stopped to think about the influence that your zodiac sign has on your friendships?

Sometimes we meet people with whom we don’t vibrate deeply enough to become best friends and it’s actually possible that our zodiac signs have something to do with it.

Not that you should choose your friends based on their date of birth! But it can be invaluable information in understanding why some of your friendships are the way they are.

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Astrology is a language and a tool for self-exploration.

You can take what works for you and leave the rest aside, but analyzing relationship patterns is a valuable way to use astrology.

The perfect best friend for your sign can help you understand how someone can come into your life and help you grow in so many ways.

While astrological compatibility is much more complex than just understanding how each zodiac sign connects, it’s a great place to start.

The zodiac combos that follow make best friends for very different reasons.

If you are already one of these couples, you will understand why.

And if you’re on the hunt for best friends, keep in mind that it’s the qualities of a person that might make them an ideal choice.

Without further ado, here are the 6 best buddy pairs, based on their zodiac signs.

Gemini and Aquarius

Gemini and Aquarius have similar characteristics in some ways but are also very different.

What we know best about Gemini, of course, is their split personality, while Aquarians are actually quite well balanced, albeit more reserved.

What brings them together the most? Intellect!

These two are always keen to learn more about everything and it creates a pretty instant connection, without having to try too hard.

There is never a dull moment when they are together.

They are able to have deep discussions and when they disagree, they find their differences quite funny.

These two friends are likely to sit and chat for hours on end about ideas they have, how to change the world as well as their individual lives.

They both tend to have opinions of their own. It’s great because suddenly they challenge each other and expand their minds!

Gemini tend to be more social, which pulls Aquarians out of their shell a bit.

These two really bring out the best in each other.

Sagittarius and Aries

Aries and Sagittarius are both pretty active signs, so these two will love spending time together doing just about anything and everything.

Aries lives their life in a thrilling way, enjoys being in society and the center of attention; while Sagittarius thrives entirely on physical activities.

They share a lively, optimistic and frank energy!

These two really like to dive head first into life and enjoy it to the fullest.

They are always ready for a new adventure.

For example, they’re likely to wake up for an early morning hike, even after a late night on the town. Followed by coffee, great food, and a favorite compulsive shopping. Nothing stops them !

People under the sign of Sagittarius are also known for their humorous side and brighten up any room they are in; which leads Aries to also benefit a little from this light.

As for the people under the sign of Aries, they are daring and are not afraid to take risks; what Sagittarius really admires.

Together they take action and encourage each other rather than sitting around doing nothing.

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Capricorn and Virgo

Capricorn and Virgo form a great friendship because they both like to solve problems.

This means that they will understand each other’s motives where others will fail to fully understand why they are making the life decisions they are making.

Two super hardworking people focused on their goals: a similar vibrational energy which is why they are such a good duo.

Both share a strong work ethic and believe in doing the right thing to get things going.

They are both reliable, somewhat sarcastic and at times a little pessimistic.

Capricorns are great for starting plans and getting ahead. As for Virgos, they are good at organizing the details and following.

Capricorns are a bit vulnerable at times and Virgo responds to this vulnerability by wanting to take care of them.

A sign of the earth, Virgo tends to be quite grounded in reality, while Capricorns are big dreamers.

These two elements can therefore inspire each other to honor these opposing attitudes themselves.

There’s not much they can’t do when they’re together.

Pisces and Cancer

Both of these signs are overtly emotional and romantic.

Pisces and Cancer therefore bond easily on deep matters.

Lover of new ideas and new adventures, Cancer loves to initiate and inspire Pisces.

They both tend to be kind and compassionate, which makes them patient friends who are understanding of each other’s needs.

When they connect at any level, they feel totally understood.

Cancer is a bit more grounded in reality and more easily focused on creating a safe space to be comfortable.

Pisces are a bit more relaxed and dispersed, trying to make any place a place of vulnerability and openness.

They are both water signs and have a lot of feminine energy.

This means that they should also be careful not to overwhelm each other with their various needs.

The real plus of this friendship?

Pisces can signal Cancer when compromising is a good idea, while Cancer can show Pisces how to stick with something and follow it to the end.

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Scorpio and Taurus

When Taurus and Scorpio form a friendship, the result is the meeting of two opposing signs in the zodiac: a mixture of two halves.

Signs of polarity like these often combine to form a whole, with the strengths of each friend balancing the weaknesses of the other.

The signs of polarity often feel strongly attracted to each other and when they are together things can get extreme!

Taurus and Scorpio have a lot in common. But because they both bring such powerful personalities to this friendship, the tone will often range from enthusiasm to controversy.

They are very loyal to each other, a result of their mutual need for emotional security.

While Taurus is open-minded, with a preference for baring everything on the surface, Scorpio is more focused on the “hidden” aspects of life.

So, Scorpio can show Taurus what is beyond the surface, while Taurus can teach Scorpio to speak more candidly.

The best aspect of Taurus-Scorpio friendship is their powerful teamwork. At least when they agree on their goals.

When Scorpio realizes that Taurus is here for the long haul (and won’t create the misery that some Scorpios are known to bring into their lives), that friendship can fully blossom.

Their mutual determination makes their bond a formidable force.

Aries and Leo

Leo’s best friend should be an Aries.

Someone who is just as fiery, reckless and independent as him!

Their similarities mean that they might come into conflict but this will be rare as they understand each other’s inner workings.

Aries and Lions enjoy a good reputation and are very social.

They both yearn for admiration and recognition, though they go about it in slightly different ways.

Lions are definitely taking the lead and aren’t afraid to step into the spotlight; provoking the admiration of Aries.

Aries, on the other hand, are great at building personal relationships and doing what they can to support others; what Lions want to add more to their own lives.

Both signs do not hesitate to encourage and carry the other, which builds confidence and forms a strong bond.

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