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15 signs that a Cancer man is madly in love with you

How does a Cancer man behave in love?

Which woman loves the Cancer man?

Cancer man and women: unconditional love or short-lived flirtations?

The first water sign of the zodiac, Cancer is intuitive and sensitive. And as a cardinal sign, he’s motivated to make intimate emotional bonds that promise to last.

At the start of a relationship, the Cancer man is shy and probably can’t even look in your direction without blushing and turning away.

He is prone to overthinking and may not be able to approach you. But if you take the first step, it hangs on and does it all for you.

The Cancer man is incredibly caring, committed and protective of his loved ones and does everything in his power to make you feel comfortable and safe around him.

Sometimes the Cancer man in love can seem distant or sarcastic, but that’s only because he constantly feels like he has to hide his true emotions in society.

The truth is that this outer identity hides a loving, gentle and sentimental soul. That’s why you need a Cancer man if you want to spend the evenings pampering your other half while watching TV.

Oh yes, Cancer in love is the very representation of feelings and the inner self.

Hence, he is gentle, romantic, and caring.

Very often, it is said that Cancer is the most sensitive sign in the zodiac because everything they do is motivated by love. In short, with him, you can have a magical romantic relationship.

The Cancer man enjoys traveling, spending time with his friends, and staying home with his sweetheart. But don’t expect your relationship to change quickly.

Indeed, he likes to take his time! Everything will go smoothly. But the good news is, your relationship isn’t going to experience any big upheaval or drama either.

The Cancer man in love is someone who enjoys taking care of the one he loves, to the point that he can become completely blind to his flaws.

What is the behavior of the Cancer man in love?

Cancer is a water sign, so his soul is full of emotions and he needs to feel comfortable enough to express his feelings. For him, trust and commitment are extremely serious.

This is why open and sincere communication is essential in your relationship. Indeed, that reassures him. Sure, he can listen and is incredibly receptive, but he still has trouble expressing his own emotions.

Without your encouragement and support, he can go as dumb as a carp. But if you invite him to open up, he will share a rainbow of emotions with you.

In love, Cancer seeks security, so one-night standings aren’t really for him. In general, he fills his sweetheart with gifts and proclaims his love loud and clear.

Moreover, he will let his family know that you are the woman who fulfills all his desires. In love, the Cancer man is not ashamed to show his feelings to everyone.

So he’s going to hug you, kiss you and everything that goes with it! He will give you his full attention and probably give you lots of compliments.

On the love level, he is a true romantic who needs intimate and moments to get in the bath.

love is slow, with a lot of body contact and emotional connection, reflecting the relationship as a whole.

A Cancer man in love has only one dream: to get married and have a wife. What is the deepest desire of all women, right? Yes, but…

This abundance of emotions can backfire when he’s not in a good mood. His sensitivity and need for self-assurance can make him really needy and exhausting at times.

And yes, while her commitment to you is obviously a huge plus, the flip side is that it can turn into addiction, which is likely due to low self-esteem and insecurity.

For example, the love behavior of a Cancer is wanting to be involved in everything you do. So if you decide to solve a problem on your own or do an activity on your own, he can take it very badly.

Unfortunately, the Cancer man in love can quickly become obsessed with his sweetheart. Besides, when something bothers him, he has a hard time letting go so he talks about it over and over again.

So, the only solution to have a balanced romantic relationship with him is for Monsieur to find a sport or artistic activity outside of your relationship.

Cancer in love is full of love so he forgives you your little mistakes but be careful: he never forgets!

This is why it can also become very passive and silent.

He will follow your lead and be very accommodating in providing you with what you want, but will not speak up if he feels neglected. Instead, he’ll shut up more and if you can’t coax him fast enough, he might come after you.

And while he is not normally unpredictable in his actions, a Cancer man in love can have great mood swings. He can go from friendliness to bitterness and you may never know why.

The Cancer man still has his guard up so he must trust you 100% to take the next step in your romantic relationship.

But pushing him out of his comfort zone in any way isn’t the best thing to do.

Cancer man and women: who is the perfect woman for this sign?

In love, the Cancer man seeks his double, his reflection. Yes, he is very careful with his heart because he knows that an emotional breakdown can cause a lot of damage.

The Cancer man is looking for a woman who shows stability and determination . He is skeptical of women who do not stay true to their words or who do not show any strength of character.

An ultra-feminine woman might attract him like a magnet. An irresistible magnetism and an undeniable charm will attract him like no other.

The quest for sisterly love can lead him to seek a woman who looks a lot like his mother. Hmm… After all, the moon represents the mother in a birth chart.

He loves women who are compassionate, kind and caring . It is also possible (more rarely) for the Cancer man to fall in love with a woman who is his opposite.

In this case, he will then prefer someone who is daring, straightforward and fierce in his approach to life.

What is certain is that if you want to attract a Cancer man to your net, you have to be a woman devoted to his passion, someone who is diligent and trustworthy.

Ultimately, a Cancer man wants a loyal woman who can protect his heart and give him a home where he feels good. A woman who is ambitious, intelligent, and concerned about her family life could easily attract a Cancer.

How do you know if a Cancer man is in love with you?

The romantic nature of the Cancer man may make you wonder if he is also kind and kind to everyone or just to you.

Indeed, what is it that differentiates friendship and love for a Cancer. What behavior does he adopt when he experiences intense feelings for a woman?

Here is the answer !

1. With him, you feel like you are the only woman on earth.

When a Cancer loves, their sweetheart feels very special. Indeed, he wants to make sure you know he is not looking away.

He will go the extra mile to make you smile and laugh. If he wants to invest in a long term partnership with you, he will make sure that you have no doubts.

2. Cancer in love is ready to do anything to make you happy.

Happiness and satisfaction! He wants to make sure you feel loved. He considers happiness to be very important in a partnership. You will never be bored because he will always do his best to make you smile.

Any shyness will go away and he will start making jokes and acting stupid just to make you laugh. For him, love should be a party and a lot of fun.

3. A Cancer in love asks tons of questions because they want to get to know you.

It is important for him to be open to emotions. Among other things, a man of this zodiac sign will show that he really cares about you by opening up and showing you his true emotions.

So if you are in a relationship with a Cancer man, he will want you to open up to him and reveal secrets to him that no one knows.

4. The Cancer man in love adopts a very protective behavior.

Your safety and your happiness are one of its priorities. If a Cancer man loves you, then he will do anything to protect you from the harmful influence of people.

He will lend you a shoulder to cry on if you are sad, he will cook for you, he will take care of you and make you feel safe. If he really loves you, he will do everything possible to make you happy every day.

5. He becomes very affectionate towards you.

Generally speaking, Cancer men are kind and friendly. However, when they fall in love, they go the extra mile. Yes, they become very attentive and affectionate.

A Cancer man in love is not good at hiding his emotions or feelings. He’s naturally flirty, but when he’s set his sights on a woman, he becomes soft as a lamb.

6. The Cancer man in love is not ashamed to open up completely.

If your Cancer man opens up out of the blue and reveals his deepest secrets or shares personal information with you, it’s a sign that he’s in love with you. Honesty is very important to him.

He will tell you about his family, his past, what he loves, what he hopes for the future and what he expects from a partnership. If he wants to have a serious relationship with you, he will tell you almost everything there is to know about him. He’s incredibly sensitive but won’t let you into his secret garden until he’s sure he sees a future with you.

7. The Cancer man in love is very attentive to his partner.

If a Cancer man loves you, you can be sure that he will remember important details about you: birthday, favorite hobbies, favorite food, date of your first date, etc.

For example, he’s the kind of man who keeps the ticket from the first concert you went to see. A Cancer man isn’t afraid to show his love. Romance and romantic gestures are important to him. He calls and sends messages to his sweetheart regularly.

8. In love, the Cancer man is sincere about his feelings.

He tells you how he feels, he talks about his plans and intentions for the future. A Cancer man is a romantic and therefore has no trouble expressing his needs or expectations.

Confidence is extremely important to him so if he talks about his personal goals and starts including you in his plans, you have won his heart.

9. His actions speak louder than his words.

Even if he doesn’t say “I love you”, he shows you by his little gestures that he cares for you. For example, he will invite you to participate in his interests.

If he really likes you, he will make the effort to show you by his actions and not just his words. He’ll make sure you feel loved by little acts of caring kindness throughout the day.

10. He cooks a lot!

Cancer is associated with education, care and cooking. So if your man starts pampering you by preparing your favorite meals, he’s hooked!

Being invited to his house and having a meal or even chatting on the couch is potentially a date for a Cancer man in love.

11. For him, you are his best friend.

If a Cancer man is in love with you, he considers you his confidante and wants your friendship to be as strong as your love. He appreciates your company more than any other.

For him, his soul mate is someone who completes him in every way. In short, he could live without his friends and family. But he couldn’t live without his sweetheart.

12. His friends? They are also yours!

A Cancer man in love wants his friends to know the woman he loves. Indeed, he loves his friends like they are family and they are among the most important people in his life.

So if you see that he is trying to find a place for you in his social circle or that he regularly talks about you to his loved ones, you can be sure that he is in love.

13. A Cancer in love will introduce their family to you.

If you know your sweetheart’s social environment and family, you can be sure that your Cancer man is in love with you.

Yes, it is only when he is sure he wants to spend his life with you that he will take these steps. Indeed, it is extremely important for him that you have good relations with all his relatives.

14. He gets into a routine with you.

Going out with friends is very important for a man of this sign. Indeed, it is part of their nature. But a Cancer in love is ready to draw a line in their social life so they can spend more time with you.

In love, the Cancer man is very committed and devoted. The fact that he is more available and that he spends more time with you is proof of how important you are in his life.

15. A Cancer man in love is very jealous.

The darker side of this sign is jealousy. Sometimes moody and cranky, sometimes a Cancer man in love needs some reassurance and pampering.

His powerful sense of emotion and the fears he can have can sometimes seem overwhelming to you! This intensity decreases when he knows there is nothing to fear.

Love compatibility: what are the signs that correspond to the Cancer man?

The women born under the sign of Virgo are likely to attract a Cancer man. Indeed, Virgo is self-confident and has an unmatched sense of humor.

This allows Cancer, easily overwhelmed by emotions, to relax a bit. Besides the strong character and stubborn attitude of Virgo, this woman is insightful. This complements a Cancer’s nurturing instincts well, as does a Virgo wanting to help the person they love.

Then, women born under the sign of Taurus are the balance a Cancer man needs. Indeed, these two signs are very complicated.

Additionally, Taurus women are passionate beings, which allows them to complement the intense behaviors of a Cancer, in all areas of their life, but especially in the bedroom.

Indeed, love is important for a Cancer in love because he needs someone whose sensuality goes very well with his own.

Finally, the third possible compatibility for the Cancer man is a woman born under the sign of Capricorn . Indeed, the generous nature of this woman matches the romantic feelings of Cancer.

Moreover, women born under this sign are also intelligent, which allows them to follow the moods of a Cancer man even when he is in love.

Capricorn women also love to be in love, which is a good thing for a Cancer. These two signs prove that the optimistic nature on the Capricorn side and the romantic nature on the Cancer side are a good basis for a romantic connection.


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