Do I still love him? 14 signs you’re still in love with your ex

So you want the answer to the question: “Do I still love him?”

We have all been in this situation. ..

If you’re having trouble moving on and keeping your head clear after your breakup, read these signs that you are still in love with your ex.

Breakups are terrible, and what can make them worse is if he got over you but you haven’t.

It can feel like you are in a dead end. It can feel like it’s just taking more time to heal.

But maybe you just think too much about everything. Or you pretend you’re over it even though you’re not even close.

If you think you are still in love with him, you probably are too.

Being honest with yourself is the first step. Only then can you find out where you are and where you are going so that you can start moving forward.Also read:
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The biggest signs that you still love your ex

Here are the signs that you are still in love with your ex.

1. You can’t stop thinking about him

Everything reminds you of him, so you have to think about him all the time.

You must constantly fight the urge to pursue this thought by calling them or texting them. There is always something you want to talk to him about.

Maybe you want to tell him about your day, send him something you know he would find interesting, or ask his opinion on something.

You wonder what’s going on and you can’t get the possibilities out of your head.

It’s tough because you used to spend so much time with him and now your time is filled with not knowing what’s wrong with him. If you are not over him, you will fill this void with thoughts of him.

2. You just feel empty inside

You feel empty inside without him, and that feeling doesn’t go away as time goes by. It’s normal to feel sad and empty after a breakup, but that feeling should fade over time.

It took up a large part of your life and it felt like you were connected in every way.

Now that this connection is broken, you may feel strangely empty.

Your friends, no matter how close they are to you, cannot help you, and even activities that you are passionate about cannot alleviate this type of emptiness.

If it’s been a long time since the breakup and the emptiness hasn’t let up, you’re probably still in love with him.

2. Everything you do affects you emotionally

Anything that reminds you of him triggers a strong emotional response in you.

You cannot eat in certain restaurants, listen to certain songs, watch certain films.

To save your mind, you spend your life avoiding these emotional landmines.

If you find yourself avoiding things that trigger you because they make you think about him, you are not over him yet.

If rereading conversations you’ve had with him makes you cry, or having to switch channels when a song you associate with him is on, or feel a pit in your stomach when you go to the restaurant When you come to eat together and can’t go in, you’re definitely not over it yet.

3. You idealize the relationship

If you see the relationship you had as perfect and believe that you were perfectly in love and perfectly happy and never had problems and fought, well then you are not over it.

The question is, was any of this real? If you idealize the relationship it will be very hard to get over it because you are stuck with a fantasy and nothing else can ever match it.

On the other hand, if you are realistic about the relationship and remember his mistakes and the bad things in the relationship – the things that led to the breakup – you can begin healing.

It doesn’t mean you’re over him, but it’s a start.

If you idealize the relationship, it means that you are not being honest with yourself, and as mentioned earlier, the first step in getting over it is to be honest with yourself.

4. No other man can hold a candle to him

If you compare every guy you meet to him and they all can’t keep up, it means you are idealizing him and emotionally refusing to move forward.

You take other people’s advice and meet up with other men to forget about him, but that only makes you think of him more.

Your heart is literally out of it. That’s because your heart is still taken.

If no other man can keep up, you have some work to do to get over your ex before you can go out again.

5. Your friends can no longer hear from him

You may not be over it yet, but your friends are sure to be sick of hearing about it!

When it comes to figuring out whether or not you are still in love with your ex, don’t just rely on what you feel and what you think – get feedback from your friends.

Are they tired of hearing you talk about it? Are they trying to shut you up but you can’t help yourself?

You can’t get him out of your head, so he’s the only thing you want to talk about, but everyone has their limits, even your closest friends.

If they thought you were on to something, went through a thought process that would be helpful, or put you in a productive analysis of what happened to help you move forward, your friends would be full of them and do anything what they can to help you with this.

If that isn’t the case, it means you are spinning in circles, not moving forward, or longing for something that is not in your best interest.

6. It hurts to think about him

You can’t stop thinking about him even though it hurts every time you do it.

If something reminds you of him, you may feel a sting in the chest, a painful pulling.

This is the pain of longing, a void and a vacuum deep inside you that it used to fill.

Maybe you feel like you’ve been hit in the stomach or the wind has been taken out of your sails.

Basically, when you think about it, the pain goes beyond the emotional and becomes physical.

Your whole body aches from losing it. If you have this reaction when you think about him, you are still in love.

7. You cannot separate yourself from relationship memories

Every gift he gave you, every card he wrote, and every souvenir of him or your time together is sacred to you now and will never be disposed of.

It’s literally all you have left of him, so you can’t let go of any of it. This means that you cannot get rid of pictures and that you will not delete his texts or emails.

When you’re over someone, breaking away from those things is almost like a cleansing ritual that signals to you that you are ready to start over.

The most important thing is that you feel calm and peaceful when you part with relationship keepsakes.

When you’re angry and hurt and throwing it all away in one fit, well, that level of intensity doesn’t look like someone who is indifferent and lacking in emotion.

So if you throw away everything related to him in a fit of anger, it may mean that you are not over him either.

8. You look for ways to see him

Do you find yourself going to places you think might be there, hoping to see them?

You might tell yourself that you just like the coffee, the food, or the live music, but when you go to these places you always make sure you look gorgeous – all makeup and fancy clothes – and you’re always up looking for him.

When your friends suggest going elsewhere, you hesitate to go where it probably won’t be, and when you finally agree, it feels like the evening was wasted and you dressed up for free.

If you go about your life and still focus on him and try to run into him, you are not over him.

9. You fantasize about getting back together

If a lot of your thoughts about him include the fantasy of the two of you getting back together, you are clearly not over him yet.

Thoughts have great power. When we think about something or someone all the time, we show that we value that thing or person highly, and the more we think about it, the more valuable it becomes to us.

If you spend a lot of time and energy imagining that you will get back together with your ex and that you will live happily ever after your days, then you are making it impossible for yourself to get over him because that is not how you will get on.

To get over someone, we need to be able to imagine life without them.

10. He’s the only person you want to trust things to

You want to talk to him after a bad day. You want to talk to him if you need advice. When you need support, he’s the one you want to lean on.

If you still want him to fill that role for you, it means that you are longing for what you had before and you are not ready to give it up.

The reality is you have friends and family to lean on, but that’s not the same as having that one special person.

He filled that role for you, and he’s the only one you want to be there for you that way.

It usually takes some time after a breakup to break the habit of wanting to tell him everything, but if you can’t shake that urge, it’s a good sign that you are still in love with him and you don’t what to do to get over him.

11. You are kind of relieved when you hear that things are not going well for him

You get some satisfaction when you hear that his new job is not going well, that he has been fired, or that he has been dumped by his new girlfriend.

That’s because you’re still hurt, and that’s why you want him to be hurt too. You’re not over him yet and you don’t want him over you.

If his life is going well, even with things that don’t seem to have anything to do with you, such as his job, does that mean he is happy and how can he be happy in his life without you?

If the thought of him being happy without you hurts, it’s probably because you’re still in love with him.

12. You still get weak knees when you hit him

When you meet him, you react strongly. This will be a very physical reaction: you will lose your knees, your heart will race, and your face will blush.

You may be able to tell yourself that you are over him, but your body cannot lie.

13. You play the happy memories in a loop

The only thing that keeps you going is daydreaming about happy times.

When you are over someone, or at least on the way to being over them, you are focusing on other aspects of your life because you know that staying in memories is not healthy and will not help you move forward.

If you want to be over someone, you will focus on a lot of negatives – all the reasons the relationship ended, the things you don’t like about them, the bad memories.

If you repeat the happy memories in a loop, it means that you are not even trying to move on. You’d rather stay in the past and block out reality.

14. You sink into self-hatred

If you blame yourself, keep repeating what you’ve done wrong, and thinking about all the reasons why you’re supposedly not good enough, that is a sign that you are not over him.

It’s also a sign that you are not doing well whether you’re in a relationship or single, because that’s just not a healthy way to approach a breakup.

Even if you did things wrong and helped cause the breakup, that will be a thing of the past and you cannot be to blame for it alone.

He contributed to what went wrong or you weren’t the right people for each other from the start.

If you feel self-loathing and self-blame and are fixated on these feelings and thoughts, then you are not over it or the breakup and you will not be able to move forward.

You need to start giving yourself love and care to see things more clearly and move on.

Final word

It is important to know all of these signs, and it is also important not to dwell in this vicious circle for too long.

It’s tricky because you want to give yourself time to heal and you can’t rush it. But you also don’t want to do things that actively prevent you from getting over your ex.

Some of the signs listed here, such as thinking about him all the time, trying to meet him, and fantasizing about how you will get back together, will actively hinder your ability to get over him, and that may mean doing more than necessary need to learn from what went wrong, grow, and find someone better for you.

Think of these things not only as signs that you still love your ex, but also as things that you need to avoid in order to break away from them and move on.

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