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Here are the male / female differences for each zodiac sign


It is said that men are from Mars and women are from Venus.So the question I was asking myself is: are we really different from our male counterparts even though we are born under the same zodiac sign?

And I was not disappointed ! I discovered that even though we share the same astrological predispositions, our zodiac sign influences our characters differently.

So here are the biggest differences between men and women according to their astrological sign. Believe me, there are surprises waiting for you!


March 21 – April 20

Woman side:  Women born under the zodiac sign of Aries are charming and adorable. They have a unique energy that helps them motivate themselves to accomplish whatever they dream of doing.

These women are very open about their and have an extremely erotic side.

On the man side: At first glance, a man born under the sign of Aries seems very serious or even extremely shy. Yet, once he feels comfortable with you, he opens up completely.

So he tells you about his fetishes, his somewhat bizarre habits and his greatest shame!

The bull

April 21 – May 20

Woman side: A woman born under this zodiac sign always has her feet on the ground and she appears calm, gentle and cute. But beware! His head is full of crazy ideas.

Yes, she can be completely crazy but the good part is that she always gives great gifts and she loves hugs.

On the man side: A man born under this zodiac sign is always super weird and geeky. For example, he always uses references from cartoons and spends his days playing video games.

Besides, he has a weird sense of humor and he always brags about not looking for love. 1: his humor is offensive. 2: he is always the first to fall madly in love.

The Twins

May 21 – June 21

Woman side: Women born under the sign of Gemini are adorable and always ready to have fun. But they also have a very versatile side.

Indeed, if you betray her, she will reveal all your secrets and put you back in your place, quickly and well done. So take care! And above all: stroke it in the direction of the hair 🙂

Male side: Whatever happens, men born under the sign of Gemini are always super attractive. Whether they are adorable geeks, sportsmen or cute intellectuals, they are always a real eye-catcher.

Mainly, because they like to laugh. But honestly why are they so irresistible? After all, they can be real assholes!

The cancer

June 22 – July 22

Woman side: A woman born under the sign of Cancer always adopts the behavior of a mother. Indeed, she is constantly giving you hugs and advice.

But beware ! She can be very jealous in her friendships. Thus, her best friend does not even have the right to be in the same room as you, without creating a scandal!

On the man side: Men born under the sign of Cancer are big babies! There it is … All they love is to party and drink. But as soon as someone talks about love, they can’t help but dream about it.

So, they start to talk about the fact that they are waiting for the “good” and describe it to whoever wants to hear it. But the truth is, they always choose the simplest, boring girls.


July 23 – August 22

Woman side: You can say whatever you want but women born under the sign of Leo are the funniest! Moreover, they manage to be vulgar and divas at the same time.

Sometimes you can feel like their style got stuck in the 70s.

On the man side: Men born under the sign of Leo are friends with everyone. They are good people who are popular with everyone because their mean attitude is just a game.

They are constantly looking for something more in a woman. This is why they find it difficult to seriously engage.

The Virgin

August 23 – September 22

Woman side: Warriors! Women born under the sign of Virgo are gentle (on the inside) but still appear stressed and anxious.

Moreover, they are complex: they like the organization but are really messy. Little more ? They tend to be addicted to s * x 🙂

On the man side: Men born under the sign of Virgo are stubborn intellectuals! They think they are superior to others and tend to tell jokes in bad taste.

Moreover, they pretend not to be interested in fashion even if they always wear the latest clothes!

The balance

September 23 – October 22

Woman side: Women born under the sign of Libra are nice and laugh all the time. Yes, even if your jokes aren’t funny, they will laugh. Normal, they have their heads in the air!

These women always appear young, which is certainly why they are not very open about their .

In addition, they are modest. Unfortunately, they also have a character that easily succumbs to corruption.

On the man side: Men born under the sign of Libra look like angels but they are devils in disguise! On the one hand, they appear innocent and friendly.

But, on the other hand, they have strong opinions and can be rude because of it. They think it’s up to women to run after them. And the worst part of all this? They have an explosive and unstable character.

The Scorpion

October 23 – November 22

Woman side: Women born under the sign of Scorpio have an extreme character: one day, they will talk nonstop and the next day, they will not say a word. They like their but don’t have much experience in this area.

Finally, these women are very jealous of their friends, their darling, their family, etc. In short, with everyone … Even a stranger! Besides, they also tend to be obsessed in terms of love. Thus, they can spy on their crush and write them love poems in secret.

Male side: Sometimes I wonder if all men born under the sign of Scorpio are not psychopaths ?! They don’t often laugh but when they do it is in a psychedelic and extra loud way.

And honestly, no one understands why. These are childish men who always seem in a hurry and have no problem staring at people. Rude!


November 23 – December 21

On the woman’s side: Power and freedom! Women born under the sign of Sagittarius put all their suitors in the “friend” box. Moreover, they easily forget their first name!

They like to party with their friends but they prefer to stay at home and sleep. On the other hand, they never say “no” to good gossip. And if you need help digging up awkward old files on your ex or whatever, they are the perfect allies!

Male side: Men born under the sign of Sagittarius seem to have the wrong zodiac sign. Indeed, they are honeyed and romantic as possible! They fall in love super easily and they are unable to control their emotions.

Unfortunately, women often put them in the “friend” box. On the other hand, when they finally meet their life partner, the relationship lasts forever.


December 22 – January 20

Woman side: Women born under the sign of Capricorn do not need someone to speak for them. They defend themselves on their own, but they can also be rude. On the other hand, if they like you, they will defend you until the end.

These women are confident in themselves and seem almost perfect, which is why they are a real eye-catcher. On the other hand, they have a hard time making decisions and forgetting the past.

On the man side: Honestly, a man born under the sign of Capricorn comes close to perfection: great style, ambitious, competitive, funny and smart with his money. Besides, he has the motivation to become a boss at the top.

But he eats like 10 people! Even if he gives himself the image of a tomboy, deep down, he’s a romantic who only wants to be loved.


January 21 – February 18

Woman side: Women born under the sign of Aquarius are always a bit special, they like what others don’t like. They are attractive hipsters and popular with men.

All the men run after them but they pretend not to notice them. In short, they can be a bit haughty!

Men’s side: Bad boys… Bad boys! Men born under the sign of Aquarius are cool and seem to go out of their way. And that’s the case ! This is why they have 300 exes and 100 female friends with profits.

These men are intelligent and they feel superior to others. On the other hand, they think they are very clever and deep but they never manage to prove it to others.

The fish

February 19 – March 20

Woman side: Women born under the sign of Pisces are kind and adorable. Yet, deep down, they can be very vulgar and rude. In short, they have a wild side.

They are princesses who love love and romance. And make friends easily. Normal since they love to play it cool.

Male Side: Men born under the sign of Pisces are always serious and they seem to continually be in the analysis. In reality, they only think about trivial and stupid things.

They have strong feelings but never follow them. For them, the heart is a weakness. That’s probably why they always have stars in their eyes.

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