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Pisces woman: 9 reasons to think you’re perfect

You are beyond praise from smile to gesture. Why do you do it? Look for all the details in our material.

You are reliable

If a person managed to win your heart, then he gained much more than friendship: free meals, and payday money, and advice for all occasions. You have a small social circle, you rarely add new people to it. You are emotionally stable and never leave a relationship by slamming the door. It should be noted that friendship is always costly for you: you give more than you receive in return.

You have high emotional intelligence

This means that you understand how to please others, how to conduct discussions and how to defend your rights. You don’t make scandals, tantrums and dramas. People around you are aware that you are a brilliant diplomat, so you are often sent to negotiations: with hostile relatives , customers, ex-wives. And you always manage to conduct them in such a way that all parties are satisfied.

You are not competing with anyone

And the point is not that you allegedly have no ambitions. You look at situations differently and compare yourself only with yourself. Your coworkers do not feel threatened because they know that if you get promoted, it’s honestly, and not because of intrigue and insidious plans. By the way, in a relationship you follow the same strategy and never try to achieve superiority over a man.

In your soul (and possibly in reality) you are a creative person. You have a well-developed flair for quality music and picturesque masterpieces. Even if you haven’t made a career in the art world yet, keep this option in mind. You perfectly combine different things, you know a lot about high-quality clothes and have already found your own style. Friends might envy you, but they prefer to ask you for help: you will always tell them what suits them.

You know how to be loved

You gratefully accept compliments , gifts and care. It’s easy for you to demonstrate your vulnerability and trust. You will not play an unapproachable rock and will not torment a man with doubts if you are in love. Thanks to this, your romances often successfully add up and last a lifetime (even after breaking up with a man, you keep in touch with him).

You have developed intuition.

You notice the signs and anticipate the development of events. You have a clear understanding of what new acquaintances are like. And you know where to invest your money . If you do not ignore the voice of intuition, then even small troubles will stop happening to you.

There are almost no frigid women among Pisces. You understand well the desires of your partner , you are pleased to fulfill them. You are not ashamed of your body and are ready to embody daring bed experiments.

You quickly get carried away

Do you have a collection of dolls or are fluent in Japanese. If you are passionately interested in a subject or area of ​​knowledge, you will easily achieve mastery in it. Another thing is that people around you usually know little about your talents (and even consider you boring). Why is this happening? You don’t like to advertise your hobbies.

You are an altruist

You have no equal in selflessness . Before making a decision, you put yourself in the other person’s shoes. This creates certain difficulties, because sometimes you act to your detriment or miss your benefit. But on the other hand, you always remember that you acted with dignity – and your conscience can sleep peacefully.


Pisces woman: 9 reasons to think you're perfect

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