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Your pain points by zodiac sign

It is easy to manipulate you if others guess which point to press on. Do you know your weakest link?

Aries (march 21 – april 20)

You are moody. Didn’t expect to hear this? Hot temper goes hand in hand with frequent mood swings and demands to “bring that, I don’t know what.” You torment your loved ones with claims that they love you little and do not fulfill your requests. When they want to annoy you, they deliberately do exactly the opposite of what you asked.

Taurus (april 21 – may 20)

You are afraid of being alone . The problem is compounded by the fact that you have a hard time trusting people. Therefore, you can suffer for weeks and months and not let the man you like close to you, because he looks like a potential traitor. Loosen the defense system. And do not show your fear of losing the relationship, otherwise, in case of conflicts, the man will announce to you that he is leaving.

Gemini (may 21 – june 21)

You give the impression of an independent person, but at the same time it is difficult to bear someone else’s disapproval . You easily share your point of view, and then spend hours reflecting on how the interlocutor reacted to your words. You are offended by criticism, and you cannot come to your senses for a long time after an unpleasant conversation. You avoid discussing controversial issues, and as a result, you are used.

Cancer (june 22 – july 22)

Everything should be under control : the behavior of family members, the schedule of public transport, the weather. And they, about horror, do not want to obey you. Any glitches in the schedule will cause you to panic. With your violent reactions, you create fear in family members and colleagues, which makes them lie to you.

You doubt yourself and hide behind narcissism and selfishness . Once people realize that you underestimate yourself, they use flattery, bribery, gossip. Without wanting it, you awaken the worst qualities in those around you, and then you suffer from other people’s mean and base deeds.

Virgo (august 23 – september 22)

You have developed x-ray vision for other people’s defects. You notice only the worst in a new acquaintance. And you do not stop there, but tell the person everything that you think about him. You pay dearly for this “sincerity”: you do not get along in teams and it is difficult to establish relationships. Stop criticizing yourself and you will stop seeing the bad in others.

Libra (september 23 – october 22)

You want to be perfect. An arrow on pantyhose or a failure to meet a deadline is a blow to your image. You suffer from remorse because of the suspicion that someone has been let down or offended. As soon as someone looks at you menacingly, you have a lump in your throat. Relax. You are imperfect like other people. And this is forever.

Scorpio (october 23 – november 21)

You do not want to seem weak and never tell your loved ones about what is happening to you. As a result, no one realizes that you are upset or not feeling well . Also, your family and friends rarely hear that you love them. They do not give you flowers and gifts for no reason, because they do not know about this desire. Try not to hide from others behind a bulletproof shell.

You need attention too much and are ready to receive it at any cost. If there are no successes to brag about, you will make a scandal so that everyone will notice you. Plus, you get involved in controversies about topics that you don’t have the slightest idea about, or you make promises that are difficult to keep. The one who understands that you love to show off, takes you “on the weak” in order to look advantageous against your background or to solve your problems at your expense.

Capricorn (december 22 – january 19)

Are you sure that if events are going well, then soon everything will be very bad. Because of this, you do not allow yourself to be happy, drive love away from yourself and do not rely on someone else’s help. Do not cultivate a state of perpetual dissatisfaction . Seeing your detachment, people leave you when you need them most.

Aquarius (january 20 – february 18)

You do not know how to correctly calculate the time, effort and money. Because of this, you are late for important meetings, drive yourself to exhaustion, take out a loan that you cannot pay off. And if you add that you are very upset with failures, then the situation becomes completely sad. People often throw it in your face that you can’t be relied on, which is frustrating.

Pisces (february 19 – march 20)

You take a long time to make a decision. And when you do make the final choice, you are immediately disappointed that you miscalculated. And then you start telling everyone in a row about what a loser you are. Self-pity takes a lot of energy from you and does not allow you to be 100% realized. Your bosses dump a lot of tasks on you because it takes a long time to choose whether to say “yes” or “no”.


Your pain points by zodiac sign

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