Finding “the right one” looks like this …

Do you believe in a soul mate?

Honestly, I’m not sure I can say for sure that I believe it. Besides, I don’t believe in twin flames either.

These concepts seem too rigid to me. We are mirrored by this mythical story where we are supposed to find our other. The other part of our soul or a soul that complements ours.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t need a man to complete me. I don’t need a person to have balance and harmony in my life.

On the other hand, I believe that there is indeed a man, whom we can call “the good one”, who corresponds to us perfectly. Someone whose past parallels ours.

A man whose future is in perfect compatibility with ours. And especially someone whose present blends with the life we ​​lead.

There is no such thing as “meeting a soul mate at the right time” or “recognizing at first sight”. There are simply two people who find each other and grow together.

No one is supposed to be the “teacher” of the other and no one is there to give existential guidelines to our life. We can manage on our own, thank you!

But “the good” is really something else…

Your ideal partner is that man who will be there by your side when you are successful. When you have a promotion, when you make your dream come true or are just happy.

“The good guy” is also someone who doesn’t run away when you have a problem. When you are sad, he is there! When you are depressed or broken on the inside, it helps you pick up the pieces of your body or your mind.

Your ideal man knows all of your annoying habits and accepts and loves you, regardless. Or maybe he even loves you more because of them.

He knows what you like, even the things that you are not very proud of. Do you like watching Plus belle la vie ? Well, watch it with you! And he never laughs at your fiery passion for the couples on the show.

This man supports you and even encourages you to express all your emotions, no matter how trite or exaggerated they seem to you. For him, it is important that you feel comfortable and confident.

This man even calls you in the middle of your workday because he just wants to hear your voice. And after a long day, he never fails to send you a sweet message.

Even if he is exhausted… Even if he is stressed… You remain his priority!

And very importantly, your ideal partner brings added value to your life. Indeed, it encourages you to use your full potential and it inspires you to become better. 

On the days when you think you are unworthy or lacking the strength to show yourself to the world, your sweetheart reminds you how strong you are and how much he and the rest of the world need you.

“The good” is not the man who comes into your life at the right time. It’s not the one you’re going to miss if you’re not who you are meant to be.

No, it is the man who accepts you as you are at the precise moment he meets you. With it, you are not supposed to get better or different.

The truth is, together you will really grow. But like you would have grown up with any other person. Sometimes you learn a lot from being in a toxic relationship, for example.

“The good” is simply the one that makes you realize that you are perfect in your imperfection. That you must not change because, to him, you are exactly who you are meant to be.

Yes, with him, you will evolve. But it is not thanks to him. Thanks to you. You see when you have a person by your side who finds you perfect the way you are, you want to honor them.

You want to show her that you can be even better. But this desire comes from you… This desire to work on your personal development comes from you.

So never let anyone tell you that you need a man to be happy or fulfilled.

Alone, you are brilliant… Together, you are extraordinary!

“The good” is not the miracle meeting that will make you become the woman you always wanted to be. It is simply the meeting that will open your eyes to your full potential.

Together you will change. You will adopt the habits of the other. You will find operating mechanisms that are specific to you.

And you are going to find a language of love that only you two understood. This is where the richness of this wonderful romantic relationship is hidden.

In the eyes of the other, you discover who you are. But he’s not the one who helps you become the person you’ve always wanted to be. It is indeed you!

So don’t listen to people saying to you, “when you meet your soul mate, you will know”. All of this is just a pipe dream. The truth is, “the good” will seep into your life, without you realizing it.

Besides, you may already know him! Just open your heart to love. And open your eyes, because it’s in your worst times that your ideal man will appear.

He will stand firmly on his own two feet and look you straight in the eye. Then he will tell you “I want to be by your side”. And there you will understand that “the good” was there for a long time.

Because this man will be the exact reflection of the energy that you release …


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