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Myths And Truths About Each Zodiac Sign


All zodiac signs sometimes have many clichés about this that are completely untrue. Just because someone has a particular zodiac sign doesn’t mean they are what people think they are, which raises the question of myth versus reality of each zodiac sign.

It is high time the myths associated with the zodiac signs were shattered so that everyone can get to know them for who they really are. Knowing it, knowing the true truth about your zodiac sign for it, will also help you gain clarity about your own self. Either way, it’s a win-win situation.

Here is the myth versus the reality of each zodiac sign for it

1. Aries (March 21st – April 19th)

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Myth: You are always angry and ready for a fight.

Aries are extremely straightforward people who name the child by name and never leave the bush. Whatever they want to say, they have said. People consider their attitude to be confrontational, thinking that they are always looking for a fight and only interested in causing conflict. Just because they know how to stand up for themselves doesn’t mean they are dramatic or aggressive.

The reality: if you are nice to them, they will be the nicest person to you.

If you’re kind and respectful to Aries, they will do the same for you. People with this zodiac sign for it are very nice and friendly people by nature, but people believe what they want to believe. They will never hesitate to help you knowing they would do the same.

2nd Taurus (April 20th – May 20th)

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Myth: You just eat and are lazy.

Taurus is always misunderstood as the sign that they are always lazy and crammed with food. But that can’t be further from reality. They love to indulge in the things that make them happy, but before the time comes to hurry, they do it too and with flying colors. They’re more than just eating and sleeping, you know.

Reality: They enjoy the finer things in life, but they work hard to experience them.

Whatever a Taurus indulge in, they do it with their own money and never depend on others to do it for themselves. You work very hard to experience the good things that life has to offer. Be it fine dining, exotic vacations, or shopping for designer stuff – they do all of this for their own money and of their own accord.

3rd twin (May 21 – June 20)

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Myth: You are very double faced and evil.

Gemini is probably the most stereotypical zodiac sign of who needs this myth-versus-reality reveal the most! Zwilling’s multi-faceted behavior ultimately makes her the subject of suspicion and a lot of misjudgment. Yet they are anything but that. They are actually very sweet and friendly people who have their hearts in the right place.

Reality: They know how to adapt and evolve.

If there is one thing Gemini knows how to do and do well, it is to adapt to the situation they find themselves in and to move forward. They are not afraid to change their mindset when they come across more information. As long as it is morally right, they are always ready to do it.

4. CANCER (June 21 – July 22)

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Myth: They are emotional fools and get weak on you.

It is a known fact that CANCER is an emotional and sensitive sign of this, but getting that on you as a weakness is wrong. So wrong. You can be all of these things, but what most people don’t understand is that these traits are also their greatest strengths. Not everyone can have a forgiving and soft heart in today’s unscrupulous world, but they do.

The reality: you are extraordinarily resilient.

Their sense of determination and the fact that they are some of the most sorted people out there will help them handle even the toughest of situations. No matter how hard it can be, but they never give up. They are extremely motivated beings with amazing mental strength, and this helps them overcome every obstacle that is there.

5th Leo (July 23rd – August 22nd)

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Myth: You are self-obsessed and only care about yourself.

That can’t be further from the truth. Lions can be very confident beings, but that doesn’t mean they never suffer from self-doubt. And most importantly, they are some of the most protective people you will ever meet. A Leo will always have you back, even if there is no one next to you.

The reality: They are very sensitive and care what others think of them.

Leos may not be able to show it, but they really care what other people think of them, especially their loved ones. It is very important to them how they are perceived and they would never want to disappoint others. They really want to be liked and loved by others, even if they can’t show that side of themselves that often.

6. VIRGIN (August 23rd – September 23rd)

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Myth: You are too arrogant to mingle with others.

VIRGINS are introverted people who don’t like to mingle with people, and most of the time this is confused with arrogant and anti-social. They just like to mingle with people who are close to them and whom they trust. They also take a lot of time to open up to people, but before you know it, you’ll see how funny and intelligent they really are.

The reality: you are too shy to open up to people in the beginning.

VIRGINS take longer to warm to people before they take their time and then decide whether or not they can trust you. But once they are comfortable with you, they are some of the most fun and interesting people you will ever find.

7th Libra (September 24th – October 22nd)

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Myth: People think they are fake.

Libras are mostly misunderstood as inauthentic and superficial, and frankly, that’s not fair. The thing is, Libra sometimes utters a harmless white lie every now and then, but its purpose is not to hurt or offend anyone. They just want to be easy on their feelings, but before the time comes for the big and important things, they are some of the most honest people you will ever meet.

Reality: They try to make everyone happy.

Libras always try to find the right kind of compromise so that everyone is happy and no one gets the feeling that they got the rough end of the flagpole. You are diplomatic by nature and do your best to be the mediator in any conflict. Some people can see this as ‘playing both sides’, but for them it’s all about compromise.

8th Scorpio (October 23rd – November 21st)

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Myth: You hate everyone.

Scorpios can seem a bit aloof, aloof, or cold, but that doesn’t mean they hate everyone as most believe. But once they make themselves comfortable enough to be themselves, they are one of the most loyal and trustworthy zodiac signs that you have ever had the privilege of knowing.

The reality: you need a long time before you can trust someone.

Trust is very important to them and that’s why they never give it away so easily. They seem to be building a wall because they want to see who is actually going to climb over it and are trying to get to know the real thing. But once they let you in there is no going back; you have a friend for life!

9th Sagittarius (November 22nd – December 21st)

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Myth: You are full of energy all the time.

Sagittarius has a very outgoing, sociable, and energetic personality, but does that mean they are always like that? No! You also feel down, down, and alone at times. It’s just that they rarely show their vulnerable side to others unless it’s someone they trust 100%. Hiding their difficulties is something they are very good at.

Reality: They hide their real feelings by acting upbeat and happy.

That’s one thing every Sagittarius does, and that’s to pretend they’re happy while they’re not. They are so used to having a vivid and exciting image that sometimes they feel like other people would not accept them otherwise. At the end of the day, they just want to get on well with everyone.

10. Capricorn (December 22nd – January 19th)

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Myth: You’re uptight and boring.

This is one of the zodiac signs for it that are heavily stereotyped and also needs the exposure of myth versus reality. Capricorn’s urge to be successful and work hard to achieve her goals can sometimes be misunderstood as boring and dull. But they really aren’t. Capricorns are people who want to make something of their life and have a lot of dreams and goals. But the truth is, when you meet the real Capricorns, they are some of the smartest and most interesting people you will ever find.

The reality: you work very hard today so you can enjoy tomorrow.

The main reason Capricorn works so hard is that they want to secure their future. They work hard today so they can have fun tomorrow. For them, it’s all about balance. You always look at the big picture and work accordingly.

11. AQUARIUS (January 20th – February 18th)

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Myth: You are stone-hearted and unemotional.

They can seem very distant, cold, and numb at times, but the simple fact is that they don’t like to utter every little thought that crosses their mind. Most of the time, Aquarians have a tendency to suppress their feelings, and this gives the impression that they are cold and numb. They are actually deep thinkers who think very deeply and emotionally about every little thing.

Reality: They think best when they are alone.

It’s when they’re alone is when they’re doing their best thinking. They find it difficult to come up with good ideas when they are in chaotic environments. The best way for them to work through their problems is to spend some much-needed time alone.

12. Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

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Myth: They Are Crazy And Don’t Know What To Do

Most people look at fish and think they are crazy. But the truth is, they are living life on their own terms and they accept each other without shame. They love and accept each other with both good and bad. You can see them doing things that others don’t have the courage to even try.

Reality: You are daydreamer with your head in the clouds.

The people who belong to this zodiac sign are not crazy, they are actually escape artists. They don’t like to focus on the negatives and they always try to be optimistic about everything. They focus on their dreams because that is what makes them happy.

So if you happen to be still clinging to the earlier myths, it is high time you changed your mind and stop judging the book by its cover. Only when you get to know the person up close will you see the curtain being drawn to reveal the light that was hidden behind the veil.


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