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ARIES (03/21 – 04/20)

First a somewhat challenging question: Do you think of yourself every now and then? Sure, your selfless manner is valued by everyone around you. Because we know that you can be relied on as a fair zodiac sign Aries. So far that you would put your hand on the fire for each of your friends. However, since you have an equally clear attitude towards reality, you are automatically taken to be authentic. But now back to the question. While you stand up for those things that are close to your heart with your typically dynamic and determined manner – to what extent do you care about your own well-being? Just. As a fire sign, it is especially good for you if you enjoy regular time out with the people you loveand give security. You probably know who you would like to spend this with. Now all you have to do is take your time.

CAPRICORN (22.12. – 20.01.)

You are a real original! Yes, you can be proud of that, dear Capricorn. Because precisely because you have some quirks (like everyone else, by the way) and don’t hide them, you immediately appear so incredibly personable. In addition, there is your down-to-earth attitude, which sometimes prevents you from looking ahead with vision, but which you simply stand by. Nevertheless, you can only benefit from it if you change your perspective a little in between. Even if it means that you have to leave your comfort zone for a short time. Dare. Because you will definitely not lose your authenticity just because you see or experience things from a different perspective. Perhaps you can even build on your experience and thus your credibility. It is definitely worth a try! 


As a zodiac sign with the element of water, you are particularly sensitive and accordingly never hide your emotions. It’s not like you can’t control them. But your correct manner would never let you do anything that is not in accordance with your principles or your gut instinct. Since you, as a Cancer, are also extremely polite and courteous, the result is an interplay of an almost natural, authentic appearance. You may take this for granted. You can also use this strength in a targeted manner and thus trust yourself a little more in some things. Even if others may not trust you – for whatever, perhaps even selfish reasons – you can do anything as long as you remain true to yourself. Just don’t give up – and always enjoy! 

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