zodiac Signs


1. LEO (23.07. – 23.08.)

As a lion, the trip on the horse is a bit difficult to visualize, but figuratively you have mastered this talent almost perfectly. In most cases, you probably don’t even notice how your very expressive aura can take up a space. Though you as a zodiac signLeo are a very positive-tempered person, it is not uncommon for your warmth and open attitude to be obscured by your confidence. It’s actually a shame, because you could use this security to your advantage in your everyday life without appearing intimidating. For example at the next team meeting with colleagues. Sure, it’s important to be confident. However, if you infect others with your optimistic vigor and make them feel like you are doing a good job, this has a positive effect on the energy of the entire team. It is quite likely that faster and more efficient results will emerge from this atmosphere. Try it!


Phew! If you don’t have at least half as much energy as you, it will be difficult to keep up with you. In addition, as a zodiac sign Aries, your ruling planet Mars gives you a really pronounced self-confidence. For this you will be admired from all sides. In addition, there is your direct manner – which is normal for you – but is particularly valued by others. With all the praise, caution is also required. Because while with your energetic and visionary attitude you like to go from one place to the next race, when you make new acquaintances, only the self-confident demeanor sticks. If you are really in the flow, this can quickly turn into arrogance. So don’t put your proud free spirit at risk too much. In between, try to take a deep breath or take a deep breath. Maybe there is a non-fiction book or a novel that you have wanted to read for a long time? Trust your intuition and reflect on your values ​​- besides your astute talent, there are other strengths in you.

3RD SAGITTARIUS (11/23 – 12/21)

One thing should be said at this point: never lose your curiosity. As a zodiac sign Sagittarius, you are nourished by your enthusiasm for the new and the unknown. This not only makes you an inspiring friend, but a really great travel companion. Occasionally, however, this dynamic nature can get in your way. Because as open and spontaneous as you act, you are sometimes a bit instructive. There is nothing wrong with that at first. After all, you want your loved one or your partner in a relationshipyes to share what you have experienced – or if you are sure of your convictions. Therefore, as long as you have these conversations in a fun and personal way, everything will be fine. However, under stress you often have a tendency to adopt a dynamic and idealistic posture. In situations like this, a conversation can quickly end up being viewed as arrogant at the end. But see these exchanges more as a list of pros and cons on an exciting topic than a must to distinguish yourself. You don’t even need to. Even in a short conversation, you can tell how far-sighted and intelligent you are. Plus: A few new impressions will definitely please your curious nature.    

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