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How women deal with breakups (based on their zodiac signs)

The breakup is a terrible phase for anyone as you get used to the presence of a person and it seems almost impossible to be able to continue living without them. Who should you spend all the time with from this moment on?

We all deal with this type of pain in different ways because we deal with rejection differently. And that’s why we’ve sorted the zodiac signs based on how well they handle breakups.

Find out how to deal with this type of pain.


The zodiac signs that are worst at handling breakups:

12th bull

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Taurus are known to be very persistent and difficult to compromise with other people. That explains to us why they’re the worst sign when it comes to breakups. Taurus enjoy being in a relationship and they suffer the worst of pain when they go through a breakup. They do their best and deserve the same in return. You will never accept the opposite of that ..

11. Aries

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Aries always want to be the best at everything in life, and that is why they want to be best friends too. This is why Aries women get so hurt when they break up. They become very competitive and don’t like the idea of ​​not being the best in a relationship. This is what makes Aries so vengeful, whether it’s finding someone better, getting the ex back, or ruining their ex’s belongings.

10. Capricorn

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Capricorns hate going through a breakup just like all the other zodiac signs, but what they hate most is that they are struggling with that every human being knows about their breakup. It’s too complicated for them. They have a very extreme personality so most likely they will cut off all communication with their ex boyfriend. That’s because they want to punish and hurt their ex.

9. Cancer

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Cancers often allow their emotions to influence their actions, and this trait causes them to struggle terribly with the breakup. They can easily feel insecure, angry, or rejected, which makes them very upset after the breakup. This will cause them to start wandering around and they will just go where their emotions take them.

8. Leo

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Breakups are terrible for Leo women because they are so obsessed with themselves that they can’t imagine why someone wouldn’t want to be with them. Therefore, they will counteract by causing constant problems for their ex-boyfriend. They will be in search of revenge and will post lots of bikini selfies. They will make sure that their ex will never forget them.

7. Fish

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Pisces tend to become very emotionally attached to the people in their life, but at the same time they will still understand why they have to go through the phase of separation. You can understand all the different perspectives and angles of a breakup and know why they came about. But don’t forget that your sensitivity will make this very difficult for you too.

The zodiac signs that best avoid breakups:

6. Aquarius

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Aquarius women show little emotion and affection and this is what makes them deal well with breakups. An Aquarius woman can go through the toughest times and be in the worst situation of her life, but she will never show it. This is good because her ex-boyfriend won’t find out about the emotional breakdown. But that’s not healthy at all for the zodiac sign going through this.

5. Twins

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Geminis are rarely in a position to be abandoned, but when they do, they have no problem with it. You don’t need a lot of time to get over your ex boyfriend. They may not understand why you break up with them right away, but they won’t get you in trouble. But don’t be surprised if you happen to get a message from a Gemini one morning who wants you back.

4. Scorpio

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Although Scorpios are very emotional and are conscious of their feelings, they still remain very cool and collected. After a breakup, you will feel the pain of losing your partner, but you will also quickly realize that it is not the best solution.

3. Virgo

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Virgos need an explanation for everything, and that’s why they worry about every little thing. They are able to piece pieces together and figure out exactly why they weren’t good enough for their ex. They don’t just lose their minds after a breakup.

How can you be more like a virgin?

Instead of freaking out and thinking that your life doesn’t make sense after the breakup, first consider why the breakup happened in the first place. Obviously things weren’t as perfect as you remember them. In fact, in situations like this, we tend to only tend to remember the good and forget the bad, but instead, we should be honest like a virgin. Turn all of that negative energy into something positive.

2. Sagittarius

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Sagittarius women don’t like to take anything too seriously and prefer to be positive about everything. They love to fool around and travel to turn this dark time into a time to grow and learn. It’s not because they don’t care, just because they know how to deal with these things.

How can you be more like a Sagittarius woman?

A breakup is obviously a tough time and it’s hard to think about positive things during this time. But it’s also important to understand that there is always someone out there waiting for us and it’s up to us to find him. After a breakup, you lose someone who didn’t want to be with you, but you will find your dream man. Isn’t that something to be excited about?

1. Libra

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Libra women are very righteous, which allows them to see and understand both sides of a relationship. That makes Libra the zodiac sign that best deals with breakups. She will even understand why her partner is already in a new relationship, even if it hurts her in the long run. However, she hates arguments, so don’t expect her to be vocal about her feelings.

How can you be more like a Libra woman?

To think like a Libra woman, you have to be able to think from someone else’s perspective because it tells you why the other did what they did. This allows Libra to find peace in the decision and just accept the thing for what it is. And so you will allow yourself and your ex to continue living peacefully.


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