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ASTRO ranking: which zodiac sign loves the hardest?


1. Fish

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Pisces are the ones that most often carry the heart on their tongue. Fish don’t hold back what they feel for someone. They are very proud of their open nature and are looking for new ideas. They really believe that if they follow their heart, everything will be fine.

2. Scorpio

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Scorpios hide the matter. Earning your trust is difficult. Getting them to admit that they love you is even harder, but they have the deepest souls and are the most loyal of the zodiac signs. Because they value trust and honesty too much, they will never attract someone in whom their heart is not 100% invested.

3. Cancer

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They are the most emotional of all signs. They too need the most love and attention. As much as you expect from others, that is what you are willing to give. Of all the signs, they have a heart of gold and truly value everyone in their life.

In relation to the person you choose, you adore them and put a lot of effort into the relationship. They remember the smallest details about you from the moment you first met and what you said. While they may be clingy and too protective, they read people really well and always rely on their judgment.

4. Sagittarius

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They are the hopeless romantics under the zodiac signs. They believe in true love and in being with someone forever. Although they are very careful about who to give their hearts to as they are often hurt; when you gain their trust, they love you and only you.

Once you find that person, drop yourself into the relationship. They will always be the ones who care more about the relationship.

Which zodiac sign loves the hardest

5. Libra

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Libra is the sign of peace and harmony. They all love really hard, but they will do anything for the person they give their hearts to. They exceed what is asked of them and often get lost in how emotionally they are in relationships. But if you get it right, that is the beginning of a good relationship.

6th twin

Gemini are the most logical of all signs. They weigh every pros and cons when it comes to life decisions. Except love. If a Gemini thinks they are in love, they will jump through rings of fire and follow their heart to the ends of the earth.

Of all things, they respect love the most and do not take it for granted. Don’t be afraid to tell a Gemini what you’re feeling. Because they know how much it was necessary to admit that.

7. Leo

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Leos may love hard, but they have a problem with picking the wrong people for themselves. Their love is not mutual and is not valued because of the way they are attracted.

Some claim that their love is exaggerated and suffocates them, but if the relationship is right then it turns out that it is not them who need to change but those who loved them.

8. Capricorn

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Capricorns are sometimes very cold and have very high walls around them. These walls hide their true feelings, but they have been taught that it is best to be well protected.

It has to be someone very special to gain their trust and even then the relationship is sometimes difficult. With them, time is the key to a successful future.

9. Aquarius

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The most difficult relationship an Aquarius has is with themselves. They can love others really well, but many of their relationships fail because they did not love themselves. Aquarius is the most unique zodiac sign of all, when you meet Aquarius you will notice how different they are from everyone else. But love is something that has always been a little complicated for her.

10. Aries

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They are tough on the outside and very hot-blooded. They are some of the hardest people to love because of their strong personalities and dull nature. What some people often think is a little too confident sometimes makes them very proud.

11. Virgin

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A Virgo doesn’t give love a priority. You are very focused on yourself and your goals. Of each zodiac sign, they strive most tenaciously to be perfect in all aspects of their life. Except love. Love is the only thing any Virgo can use.

Unfortunately, it isn’t until they meet someone who can teach them that work is not the most important thing in their life. While she is an overacheiver, attracting everyone’s attention and making others look bad with her successes, she feels a little lonely.

12th bull

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Of all the zodiac signs, Taurus are the most stubborn. You have to admit that they really are hiding behind heavy sarcasm. If you can convince a Taurus to fall in love with you, good luck. You have to have thick skin and not take anything too personal.

They have the roughest personality of any zodiac sign, so their best match is just the opposite. And that person will be the only one who will see how sensitive the Taurus is behind the closed doors. It just requires a lot of obstacles to get there.


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