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The type of person you should be with (based on your zodiac sign)


There will always be that one type of man or woman that we are particularly drawn to.

There is something interesting about this person that only we can see. It is of course justified to find a certain type of personality attractive and to want to be with that person. Astrology tells us, according to our zodiac signs, about the kinds of personalities we crave.

To help yourself find a better partner, you need to know what kind of personality you deserve to be with.

Read on and find out what you should really be looking for in a partner.

1. Aries (March 21st – April 20th):

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Since you’re an Aries, you will definitely enjoy being your own boss. You control people and when they don’t, then you look for equality in relationships. You are an independent person, if not financially, then mentally.

Nobody can control you, regardless of whether it is small or large things and you show people that clearly by taking control of things. The kind of person you really should be with is someone who compliments this independent nature of you and understands your need to be self-reliant. We all need some support and encouragement, but being totally dependent on someone is not what you want.

When looking for a partner, make sure he or she has an open mind that understands your individual needs and helps you implement them later in life. You deserve to be with someone who sees the world with the same eyes as you.

2nd Taurus (April 21st – May 20th):

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If you can make the Taurus feel special, then you can win his attention and heart. A Taurus’ number one priority when looking for a new partner is to feel special. These are fresh and active people who love to be reminded over and over again that their presence makes a world of difference in someone’s life. They don’t let themselves be surrounded by negative energy for long, so they look for a mature and loving partner.

If you are a Taurus you will know that it is a little difficult for people to get your attention, but once they get it then you are there for them 24/7. Someone who is aware of this fact and is willing to go out of their way to get your attention is who you really should be with. You shouldn’t settle for anything less than that.

3. Twins (May 21 to June 21):

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Gemini are people with a free spirit who can only be locked up if they are okay with it. In short, a Gemini is not someone you can play games with and then just walk away because they don’t give anyone a chance to do that.

He may make mistakes, but he tries his best to be around people who are good at listening to him and keeping the conversation going no matter what. Gemini crave a real, unparalleled interest in what they have to say to make themselves feel good and special.

Romantic and adventurous gestures go down really well with them. For them everything revolves around life, love and goals. If you are a Gemini yourself, you really should be with someone who matches your excitement about living and loving life.

4. Cancer (June 22nd to July 22nd):

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Cancer is a person who can be completely relied on because he always keeps his promise and you will never meet a Cancer who is not loyal. Loyalty runs like blood in his veins.

You always need a little time to build trust with other people, but once you do, you give them your loyalty and dedication and do your best to keep it that way. Because of your sensitive nature, you bond with people very quickly, so you should be with someone who understands this fact and never tries to break your heart. Make sure your partner knows how to love a cancer.

More than anything, you should be with someone who understands your concept of attaching you to one person for your entire life. Find a partner who understands that you regard love as sacred. You shouldn’t be around people who play with love and people’s feelings like they are toys.

5. Leo (July 23rd – August 23rd):

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With Leo, everything must always be clearly defined. He’s not just an egoist, he’s also a perfectionist. He has an admirable level of confidence that gives him so much confidence in everything he does. Leo should be with someone who doesn’t find their self-confidence cocky and understands that they don’t want to harm anyone. He can also be sensitive when necessary and he is a great peacemaker.

In addition, the Leo loves to be admired and to get attention. It would be a disaster for him to be with someone who doesn’t consider him special. Your partner should be a real fan of yours and not just your friend or lover. This person should appreciate all of your decisions.

6. Virgo (August 24th – September 23rd):

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Virgo should be with someone just like them: confident, calm, analytical, intelligent, and mature. A small difference will not do much harm, but it is important that the partner understands the nature of the Virgo and can relate to it to some extent. This is because Virgos don’t open up quickly, so they need a person with a great deal of understanding to make a conversation interesting for Virgo.

For the Virgo, everything must make sense and be logical. She will not settle for a person who is joking around in life and has no goals. If you are this zodiac sign, you really should be with someone who compliments your complicated nature and is ready to go through thick and thin with you.

7. Libra (September 24th – October 23rd):

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The scales can be described with the word “grace”. Whatever she does in life, she does it with a certain grace and always does her best to stay away from all kinds of fuss and complications. Libra loves to keep everything in life as simple as possible and their life is like a straight road with few obstacles on the way.

A Libra should be with someone who can accompany them on their journey on the straight road and who is ready to jump over any obstacles that pass by. Their life philosophy is simple and once someone has understood and accepted it, Libra doesn’t need anything else in life. Greed is a word that doesn’t exist in their dictionary of sins and morals.

To be with a Libra, you have to be stylish and have some standards because Libra doesn’t like unstable personalities.

8. Scorpio (October 24th – November 22nd):

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Scorpio always plays the simplest game. He is moody but very passionate. Everything he does has either his full or no attention. If there was only one word to describe Scorpio, the word passionate would be enough. Likewise, Scorpios should be with people who are just as passionate and solve all tasks on time.

Since Scorpios do everything with a great passion, they also behave that way towards their partner. They often get jealous and cannot stand it when their partners show disinterest. Scorpio needs a very convincing person in their life who will make them believe that they will never leave them.

If you are a Scorpio, you should be with someone who is completely yours. He or she must be passionately in love with you the way you want in order for your kind of passionate love to be reciprocated.

9th Sagittarius (November 23rd – December 21st):

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There are two things to know about Sagittarius: They are adventurous and independent. These two characteristics shape his life. His independent nature allows him to avoid being attached for most of his life. He seldom makes a commitment to any person, but when he does, he makes sure he adheres to it until death. What he needs from his partner is the same, namely that he is honest and loyal, but at the same time gives him freedom and personal freedom.

It is a rare and valuable experience to bond with a Sagittarius because they are constantly on the move. If you’re a Sagittarius yourself, you really should find someone who doesn’t find your thirst for freedom strange and is willing to take on the challenge of staying by your side.

10. Capricorn (December 22nd – January 20th):

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His goals are very important to the Capricorn and they need to be with someone who supports them. A partner who does not support them will destroy the relationship and Capricorn will not be able to endure this negative energy. Capricorns are direct people with a simple outlook on life. They would do anything for their families and a good education, so they should be with someone who is willing to support it.

Capricorns are mostly good-hearted people and don’t want harm to anyone. Someone with the same outlook on life could be the perfect partner for them. The idea of ​​success needs to be the same for both the Capricorn and his partner to some extent.

11. Aquarius (January 21 – February 19):

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Aquarius is an even more adventurous person than Gemini or Sagittarius. For him, the most important thing is to try new things and get adrenaline pumping. He’s the type of person who just can’t sit in one place for long because he always has to experience something new.

Spontaneity and living in the moment are two qualities everyone needs to know when talking to an Aquarius. Imagining a quiet, simple life with an Aquarius would be the dumbest thing to do. If you are an Aquarius, you should look for a partner who is willing to accompany you on your adventures, big and small, without complaining. You should have someone by your side who will hold your hand and walk you through thick and thin.

12. Pisces (February 20th – March 20th):

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Pisces are hopeless romantics who imagine life with white horses, roses, and walks on the beach. They are the type of people who just can’t stop fantasizing. Although they know how to deal with reality, they would love to be with someone who is able to turn their story into a perfect love story.

Pisces are creative and resourceful people. Therefore, if you are a Pisces yourself, you really should be with someone who responds to your creativity with their own creativity and is not content with an average life.

You should be with someone who knows how to make you happy and someone who doesn’t label your expectations as shallow and makes an effort to meet them because you deserve them.


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