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That’s why you’re scared of love (based on your zodiac sign)



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You are a person who loves to live life fast. What you value most is your independence and your freedom. You are not afraid to go your own way. In fact, you can function better that way. You are selfish, only interested in your own needs, and feel like you don’t have the time or energy to look out for someone else’s.

One of your biggest fears when it comes to love is not only the possibility that it will slow you down, but also that it will steal the freedom you love so much. You are afraid of losing the flame of independence that burns so strongly within you.

The truth is that you long for a relationship and an honest love, you are fire and you love to love with this energy, but you are afraid that you will not get the space that you need.

You want a secure relationship that gives you the freedom you need and, in your experience, that hasn’t always been the case. Very often in the past you would leave a relationship or stop loving your partner because you didn’t have time to yourself. You are afraid of losing your strong confidence again.

It’s also hard for you to let someone else into your heart. You are impulsive and have fallen in love quickly in the past. In doing so, you clung too much to a person before you even got to know them properly. You have had a lot of problems in previous relationships, because of this you are finding it difficult to bond and in fact you have developed some bonding problems for fear of falling in love with the wrong person.

You also find it very difficult to open up. Love scares you because it would mean that you have to show your true colors and you have an innate fear of being rejected and judged. You seem strong, but you have thin skin and are soft deep inside you. Some accuse you of being selfish, and in most cases you are, but you have insecurities just like everyone else. You are also afraid that, over time, some people will expose your insecurities.

If you let someone into your life, it means that that person is very special to you. Once you bond, you love that person with all your heart. However, you are afraid of this intensity because not everyone carries the kind of fire that you have within you. Plus, if this passion is not reciprocated, it’s easy to get hurt.

You are so scared of allowing someone to step into your world, change your routine and lifestyle, and allow them to push your boundaries only to end up with a broken heart.


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You are persistent and always go your own way. You hate changes, or rather, they scare you. Your comfort zone is your biggest hurdle to intimacy and you don’t let everyone see into your private life. These are the walls that people see when they think you are aloof and even heartless. This is why you also tend to build walls so as not to let love into your heart.

The thing that you are most afraid of changing is your level of independence. You haven’t relied on anyone but yourself for so long and maybe learned that not everyone around you will be there for you. You don’t want to feel like you are dependent on someone else. You’re afraid of relying on someone to let you down.

may seem calm, but you can’t deny that inside you are a true romantic hoping for a unique kind of love and by your definition that includes stability. You love to flirt, but you find it very difficult to find the right man for you because when it comes to bonding, you want this to last forever.

You don’t want to reshape your life and adjust yourself to a new adjustment for someone who will one day leave you and cause you to change your life again once they are no longer a part of them. Falling in love and entering into a relationship can give you the security you want, but the thought of living in that blissful security just to lose it scares you. You don’t want to get to know stability only to lose it again later.

In the past, you might have thought you found that special man, but in the end you just got hurt. You are afraid of not being needed so you sacrifice yourself in relationships and people mistake your kindness for weakness and therefore take you for granted.

You’re so kind that in the past you’ve dated partners who didn’t respect your limits. Now you find it difficult to let someone get so close to you to give yourself the chance to experience something new and to discover if you can find the unbreakable love you always wanted.


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Twins are unpredictable The only predictable thing about yourself is that you keep changing your mind. You have an insatiable curiosity in life, for everyone and everything. You are afraid of love because you are afraid of feeling locked in in some way.

You are an air sign who tends to live life without lingering in one place. You like to keep your options open and you fear a relationship because you have to keep asking yourself if this person is right for you. Part of you is afraid that you might always wonder if other options are open to you as well. You also constantly fear that you might lose interest in the person you think you fell in love with.

Twins want to meet someone who is versatile, who fits well into all of your personalities, and who broadens your horizons. You are afraid that you will fall in love and that it won’t be enough. Also, you fear that your partner won’t be as important to you as your need to satisfy your hunger for freedom and satiate your energetic and curious nature.

What you are most afraid of is the silence love could bring you. You long for experience and change and fear that stability in a relationship will only bring boredom. You need to feel like you are exploring and growing all the time. And because of that you are afraid that love could put an end to all of these things.

Nothing scares you more than a predictable life. If you feel like you are leading a boring life, not being intellectually challenged or lovely stimulated, you are bound to change your mind. You don’t want to love someone you don’t enjoy.

You are also afraid of losing yourself because of love. Some parts of you think that this may mean losing your sense of adventure, social life, and even the free spirit. You tend to be drawn to casual relationships and not investing too much of yourself, but once you bond with someone, you sacrifice yourself and give it your all. You are overly generous with your partner and you may have been injured a few times because of it, so keep a safe distance so as not to lose parts of yourself again.


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You are the most loving zodiac sign. You care a lot about other people and are not afraid to show the world your sensitivity. You love people too much and give your all without thinking about whether you could get hurt.

You are loyal and reliable even when you are attracted to selfish or toxic partners. In the past, you may have made unhealthy promises about a relationship or sacrificed your well-being for love and thus someone ungratefully hurt you. You don’t want to feel the pain again that comes from the disappointment.

You fear love because you don’t want to feel unworthy. When you love, you give your heart and soul and are afraid that in return you will only get indifference. Like Scorpio, you too are afraid of the consequences that can result if love is not returned to you with the same intensity.

When it comes to romance, you have high expectations and this limits you because you don’t want to settle for mediocre love. If your relationship doesn’t look like a fairy tale, you may feel like it’s not for you. You don’t want to waste your time with the wrong person. Falling in love is serious business, and it is something that you think should never be taken for granted.

Choosing to love a person means for you to have a long-term relationship. You want closeness and need emotional security more than anything. You don’t want to be disappointed and have your heart broken because this is something that has happened to you a lot in the past. You fear that you will fall in love with someone who is unreliable.

Your sensitive nature also scares you into betraying yourself. Because deep down you are insecure and constantly wondering if you are good enough as a partner. You are also afraid that if you let someone into your heart they could hurt you.

You have a strong fear of rejection. Your struggle to allow yourself to show your true self also comes from the fact that you don’t want to show your soft core. You’re afraid to show how tender you are just so someone could love you. This is why you find it easier to take care of others because it means not having to be vulnerable. We all know that in love you have to be very vulnerable.


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Since you are a great romantic, you love everything that has to do with love. You love falling in love, talking about love, and you love love. You fall in love very easily, but you find it very difficult to stay in a relationship and find someone who suits you.

In a way, you are afraid of love because you are afraid of disappointment. You are so picky about your partner choice because you have high standards. Also, you are afraid of entering into a relationship with the wrong person, and that’s perfectly fine, but you use this as an excuse to keep potential partners away from you.

lion are the most generous zodiac sign and you are more comfortable giving than receiving, but you need someone by your side who is just as generous as you are. You are not so much interested in gifts as in affection and emotional attachment. You are afraid that your emotional needs will not be met.

You need admiration, respect and devotion. You may have given all of these things to someone in your past without receiving them equally. Since you’ve been in love so many times in your life, you’ve experienced a lot of heartbreak. You don’t want to feel so hurt again. You’re scared of going through the pain that comes with a breakup, and even more scared of being lied to. You have to admit that you are still dragging around some trust issues from your past.

Your biggest fear in a relationship is that your partner might stop loving you. This is mainly due to your own insecurities. You’re so scared of rejection that you tend to push others away before they do it first. You let love go by convincing yourself that letting go of someone is for the best.

You value your pride and sanity and are afraid that love may affect your feelings because when it comes to love you tend to be guided by feelings and instinct. You always have to be in charge, so love scares you because you don’t in any way want to give up the control you have.

You don’t like feeling like you have no power and things like love, jealousy, or heartbreak make you feel like you are out of control. You rely heavily on your need for independence and the thought of having to forego the feeling of power scares you.


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You only let people see what you want them to see. You live within your own walls and very skillfully hide your weaknesses. You find it very difficult to feel worthy and beautiful. This inferiority complex arises from your overly critical and analytical nature. Yes, you are strict with other people, but the person you are strictest with is yourself. You are too aware of your own shortcomings.

Your pursuit of perfectionism and non-compliance with your own standards prevents you from realizing how worthy you are of love. So, you follow the pattern of attracting the emotionally unreachable and lost men, because with them you feel that you can heal them. You are so afraid of someone who really deserves you because you live in constant worry that you don’t deserve them.

You are afraid of love because it could mean the possibility of a true connection. You fear the idea of ​​being open with someone. Not only are you afraid that someone might find out that you have a soft and vulnerable heart, but also that they will see the things that you don’t like about yourself and they won’t like them either.

You have such harsh expectations of yourself that you fear not being able to meet those of a potential partner. This is another part of your life where you allow your analytical skills to dominate with your emotions.

Maybe you discovered the dream that you didn’t even know you had, which is that someone would reveal your real face. You are so afraid of intimacy, but deep down you long for it. Perhaps your heart was broken by allowing someone to get intimate with you. In the end, you didn’t feel loved or accepted. Now you have a constant fear of betrayal and unconsciously push potential partners off of you.

You’re constantly vacillating between extreme paranoia and excessive trust. You need someone you can trust, but you are afraid of falling in love with someone who will be more important to you than you to them and this is yet more evidence of the inferiority complex.


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Your indecision and fear of being alone can drive you into casual affairs, but in reality you just want to experience true love. You are another zodiac sign that wants to find the perfect partner and this is one of your top priorities in life. You want a deep and meaningful relationship and you won’t settle for anything less. The kind of love you dream of involves total control of the body, mind and spirit. However, you are constantly struggling with the desire for that type of love and with your fear of being real.

Much like the Virgo, you are aware of your own mistakes. This is partly because you are too busy projecting what you think is an ideal image and you are paying too much attention to what others might think of you. You are charming and great at small talk, like to smile and love to have fun, but you are afraid to show your true feelings. Intimacy scares you because you don’t want to enter the chaotic realm of emotions. You have emotional depth, but you are not good at handling emotions. That’s why you talk a lot without giving too much away.

You are afraid of showing your negative traits because you don’t like causing disappointment. This has more to do with causing pain to others than it does to itself. It is so important to you that everything is always peaceful and harmonious, that is why you tend to sweep problems under the rug and hide your own pain. This has given you a heartache in the past and made you feel like you are alone so avoid that by simply leaving before you are left.

You are so afraid of loneliness that instead of running towards it, you push love away. It’s funny how you run away from love so that you are not left alone.


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It’s no secret that betrayal is what you fear most. You are naturally suspicious, especially of those closest to you. This fear is bigger than it seems because you don’t want anyone to reject you or leave you.

The thing you are most afraid of, even more than betrayal and trust in the wrong person, is discovery. You expect others to be 100% honest and open with you, but you are only showing others what you want them to see. You come across as friendly and open, but in reality you are so reserved and closed that people don’t even know what to think of you. Some call you mysterious, but you really are a mysterious and private soul.

Even though you look calm, you are hiding so much emotion beneath your surface. What your partner will never understand is that they will never really get to know you. You’re scared of love because you’re scared of showing your real face to the wrong person. When you open up, you want it to stay that way for life.

You only entrust your secrets, private thoughts and feelings to one person. This is the person you love with your infamous passion and ferocity. You are afraid that this person could betray you and hurt your heart so much that it will be impossible to heal.

The biggest reason you might feel betrayed is because you’re doing something you’ve never done for a person. You allowed yourself to be fully open to someone.

If there was a single word to choose to describe you, that word would be intense. Your intensity is overwhelming, especially when it comes to love, and you don’t do anything half-heartedly, especially when you love someone. When you love, it is deep, sincere, and to a certain extent unconditional.

You love romance and passion, which is why even your arguments are passionate. In love you are open and honest. In the past, the person who meant a lot to you told you that you were just “too much” for them. Since then, you’ve been afraid of being labeled “too much,” so you back off when it comes to love.

You’re also afraid of becoming too dependent on someone again. You have loved strongly before and allowed your partner to become your whole world. It came about that this person was your only source of happiness and comfort. You worked hard to find happiness in yourself again. You are afraid of love because you are afraid that you will lose yourself in another person again.

Your secret fear, probably the one that is holding you back from love most at the moment, is your fear of happiness. You take everything in life so seriously that most of the time everything feels like a life and death situation. Life is like a roller coaster ride to you because you don’t know how to embrace happiness when it is in front of you. Good love can be right in front of you and all you are going to do is think that it is too good to be true and then you will get paranoid and miss a good chance.


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You are energetic, curious and have an insatiable lust for life. What you long for more than love are intense experience and adventure. For you, a boring life means that you are not living at all. You are afraid of love because you are afraid of being bored or that you might bore someone. You want to experience passion and excitement every day and therefore you are afraid that the routine could withhold this from you.

Your loneliness arises not only from your fear of boredom, but also because you feel like you have to fight for your freedom. You are naturally restless and afraid of being in one place for too long. You can’t stand still, and therefore you can’t stay with one person for long.

Your attachment problems arise when you combine attachment with being trapped in monotony. You are afraid that love just means that you are being slowed down by someone else and you don’t want to sacrifice the things that you like the most. If you had to give up traveling, meeting new people, and getting new experiences, it would mean giving up the life you love.

You are afraid of love because you don’t want another person to feel trapped. The truth is, you are aware of the fact that your partner should be fearful of you and not you of them. He must be on good terms with you because you are not the one who is tolerant. The only right way is the one you go.

You need someone who makes you shine, lets you do all the things you want and who will always be by your side. You have felt held back by love in the past, so you are now afraid that this person will not be easy to find.

Although you have a reputation for being a gamer when it comes to love, you are extremely devoted. You are an idealist especially when it comes to love. You are afraid of becoming too friends with the wrong person and settling down. You don’t want to bond with someone only to find out later that they don’t understand you.

There is nothing you hate more than being emotionally manipulated and this is exactly what happened in your past. If things don’t go the way you hoped, you will leave the relationship. Your casual logic and unrestrained honesty surpass your feelings every time. In all honesty, you don’t want to bother with the things that will end in chaos.


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Capricorn have amazing self-control, you are responsible, focused and disciplined. You are afraid of love because the idea of ​​love just seems reckless and unpredictable. You have to formulate, analyze and have a plan. Love can be unsafe, so you are very careful with it. You don’t want to let it into your heart just so that it ruins your life or makes you lose control.

Capricorn hate to fail in life and love is something you don’t want to risk. You are realistic and don’t wear rose-tinted glasses, you just know that once you get into a relationship, it should last forever. You don’t make any compromises and you live a life in which you carry a lot of burden on your shoulders, so that for you love is an investment. This is an investment of your efforts, your time, and your money. Failure would be a loss that would shock you very much and you would feel very exploited.

You are hard to conquer, but once your walls are down you are very committed and loyal. This scares you because you know you won’t leave the relationship even if you know you should. When you see a person’s real face and let them into your life, it is difficult for you to change your mind.

It is not easy to get to know you, be careful who you let into your life and this person has to prove himself first. You don’t want to give up on your hard-earned results. Again, the reason for such behavior is your fear of failure.

One of the things that matters most to you is your pride and how other people see you. You fear that love will make a fool of you and the pain that will result from it will be public and humiliating. You don’t want to look weak.

You want to be seen as strong, refusing to let your weaknesses and insecurities show, so you tend to turn away from emotions and build defenses. It is okay for others to rely on you, but love would mean relying on someone else and you are afraid to do that because you would feel like you are not in charge.


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You have a great need for free time and freedom. You look at the world with possibilities. You’re scared of love because you don’t want to feel restricted. In a relationship, you are loyal and committed. You are giving your partner the independence you want in return and are in no way possessive, but you are afraid that this will not be reciprocated.

You have been in a situation where you struggled because your partner wanted you to value them more than your independence. It was very overwhelming. You are an idealist who wants true love, but you have this great power to distance yourself emotionally and you do this to maintain your independence and to become prone to casual relationships.

That doesn’t mean you don’t want to find a partner. You’re just afraid that you won’t find the ideal partner for yourself who understands how much you value individuality. You don’t want to be in a relationship where the two of you are losing. In your experience, it’s hard to find someone who understands your unconventional view of life and your free spirit, and who would be willing to rewrite the rules of love with you. You don’t want to be normal and typical. You fear that the authenticity of your relationship with expectations and the need to hit milestones and take things off the list will be lost. You don’t want love like everyone else’s.

You are also very afraid of not being accepted or of receiving recognition. This comes from the high expectations you have of yourself as well as your pride. You are afraid of love because it would mean having to be transparent around the clock and you are afraid to be honest with someone else about who you are.

You are instinctive, but you trust everyone and some would even call you naive. In the past, your good nature has been taken advantage of. You value logic more than emotions and don’t want to lose your senses again. You are afraid that love will make you stupid. You relied too much on someone in your past, but in the end you were left desperate. This is why you are afraid of finding a new love.


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Fish are afraid of being taken advantage of. You are selfless and make an effort to help others without expecting anything in return. You are incredibly accepting of other people and the thing you want most is to help others. You are often drawn to hurt souls and your need to save other people leaves you unable to set boundaries. Very often it happens that the partners in a relationship take advantage of you. You are afraid of love because you don’t want to feel that way anymore and you know that you can’t help but help everyone around you.

You thought that you have been in love many times because all someone has to do is say a few right things to make you believe that you are in love. This is not your fault as you are an incurable romantic who just wants to find true love. But it doesn’t last long and in the end you will only be disappointed. You are afraid of love because you know that it is easy to fall in love and that has happened to you with many wrong people.

ou want to avoid heartbreak at all costs because you have felt it too many times in the past. Pisces are unconditionally generous and too often you have had partners to whom you gave everything. You don’t want to feel this emptiness anymore. You are afraid that another heartbreak, another disappointment, another blow that will be what breaks you and leaves you with no faith in love.


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