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Stupid Things You Do When You’re Drunk (based on your zodiac sign)


Aries: March 21st – April 20th

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After you’ve had a few drinks, you start telling weird things. You make big plans that you will never fulfill. ZmB. are you talking seriously about how much you want to climb Mount Everest and how you want to bathe naked in a river? You even text your old friends and make plans for how you want to see them the next day. But when the morning comes and you’re sober, you wish you had never contacted her.

Taurus: April 21st – May 20th

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You’re the type of person who gets drunk and then gets into a pointless argument with friends. You argue about insignificant subjects like who should be our next president or whether the cheese tastes better with pretzels or crackers. Since you are very stubborn, you will not give up the argument until everyone admits you were right all along.

Twins: May 21st – June 21st

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Alcohol never affects you in the same way. Sometimes a few alcoholic drinks will turn you into a great social person who will float around the room joking with everyone. In other cases, however, all you want is to lock yourself in your room, turn off your cell phone, and be alone. This means that there are situations in which you burst into tears while drunk and again when the alcohol gives you the best nights of your life. Your reaction to the alcohol will depend on your current mood.

Cancer: June 22nd – July 22nd

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Drinking is a lot of fun until you reach a certain point. Because then you become a little too sensitive. If at that moment someone looks at you in a certain way, you will wonder if they secretly hates you. Or if someone spills a drink on your new dress, you pretend that is the worst thing that could happen to you. You get paranoid after drinking a few too many drinks. Because your mind turns into something dark that you are actually afraid of.

Leo: July 23rd – August 23rd

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If you’ve had one glass too much, you get louder and more talkative than usual. You don’t hold back your opinion, no matter how argumentative it may be. Therefore, it is normal for you to wake up with a hangover and for some friends to be mad at you after a “fun” evening. Of course, they keep forgiving you because they know you didn’t upset them on purpose.

Virgo: August 24th – September 23rd

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You are the queen of storytelling. When you are drunk, groups of people will gather around you to hear what you have to say, even if your stories are clearly dramatized. Of course, in order to tell stories, you first have to create stories. That’s why you do stupid things when you’re drunk, like screaming out the window or turning on strangers just so you have something to say the next time you’re drunk.

Libra: September 24th – October 23rd

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You hate making decisions, even when it’s just about what drink to drink. You don’t like spending so much money on a drink that you will finish in two seconds anyway. Fortunately, however, your friends usually offer to pay the bill, knowing that you will be the one to drive them home after an exciting night out.

Scorpio: October 24th – November 22nd

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When you’re drunk, you are posing a threat to yourself. Because even if you know you shouldn’t text your ex-boyfriend, you’re still doing it. Either you write him how much you miss him or how he treated you like dirt. However, either way, it’s not good for your reputation and it just forces you to revive the past, especially when you should really be enjoying the present.

Sagittarius: November 23rd – December 21st

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When you are drunk, everyone thinks that you are high because you start philosophizing about life and the universe. You ask questions that no one else would ask. Like why some coasters are square instead of round, or why clowns always look so sad when they pretend to be happy. You are never satisfied with relaxed conversations, you always only ask complicated questions.

Capricorn: December 22nd – January 20th

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You like to flaunt your intelligence. After a few drinks, you will sit down at your computer to write a book or try to win a video game that you have been struggling with for a long time. You want to prove that you can do what other people can’t do even after you’ve had a little drunk.

Aquarius: January 21 – February 19

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Going to the clubs may sound fun to you at first, but after you’ve had a few drinks all you will want to do is go home and collapse on the couch. Because you feel sick thinking about having to dance with a stranger while alcohol is flowing through your body. These are the moments when you just want to lie down and watch movies because you really don’t want everyone to know how drunk you are.

Pisces: February 20 – March 20

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You can be influenced very easily. Because once you’ve had a few too many drinks, your friends can talk you into doing pretty much anything. It doesn’t matter if they say they want to sing karaoke on stage or they want to cut the tires off the ex-boyfriends because you will tell them it sounds like a great idea. You’re ready for anything after you’ve had a few too many drinks, and sometimes that can get you into trouble.


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