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The 7 zodiac signs that can be freezing cold and never come out of cover


We all have a cold side, especially when someone makes us really angry: We say what we have to say, then switch off and give the person the cold shoulder if their offense against us was bad enough.

But these 7 signs are the coldest of them all: if they have enough, they have enough and won’t even bother to tell you how they think of you. In that sense they are a little narcissistic; they are always on their guard and keep everything to themselves.


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You must first prove your worth to the bull; he will close himself off to you until he is convinced that you are worth knowing. Taurus love to watch people and until you can offer them stability and respect, they will keep you at arm’s length.

They don’t miss a thing, but they also don’t say anything that may worry some people and give them the impression that bulls are cold – and they would be right about that.


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Lions let you in, but only up to a point; A sign hovers over her head with the inscription: “You can look, but not touch”. With a Leo, you will never see their real self until they fully accept you, which will not be easy.

You have to prove that you are worth being called a friend and before they don’t know you well, you will be treated with suspicion.


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Virgos prune you with their words and then don’t waste another thought on you. If you’re not good enough in their eyes, there isn’t much you can do to change that once they have formed their minds.

They keep their emotions under lock and key and it is not difficult for them to see through other people. Annoy them and they will tear you apart in midair because they want you to know that you are now on their hit list.


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Scorpios are hostile at their best. They only open up to other people when it suits them. If they do, it lulls you into a false sense of security; they are born manipulators and know when to stab with their poisonous sting.

They like to elicit your secrets from you during the getting to know each other; this is how they get the ammo for when they decide it is time to put you on hold.


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Sagittarians are self-centered people for whom everything has to go their way, be it in their private life or at work. They work hard; but if they feel that their hard work is not being appreciated, they have no problem leaving their tents and moving on as they always have new opportunities up their sleeves.

In their private life, they absolutely don’t care if someone is permanently in their life or not, because they are the only person who matters. If they don’t like you, their looks can freeze you into ice.


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Aquarians are emotional, but they’re also absolute assholes. They hide their feelings well, and when upset they deliberately don’t show it – they’ll get you another way. Maybe they just ignore you or hang out with someone they know you hate.

Or they tell you that they don’t have time for an outing with you and then you will hear later that they were out with other friends and made sure that you weren’t invited. Revenge served cold without words is her special art form.


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Pisces are usually a little known as the zodiac sweetheart, but don’t let this fool you – they can be just as cold and ruthless as the other 6 when you piss them off.

They go after you and often don’t let go of you until someone else steps in to see them in action. As soon as that happens, they put you completely on hold because you are not worth their time and energy to them and have now ceased to exist.


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