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The 12 pairs of zodiac signs with the most complicated relationships


Would you like to know whether your zodiac signs match? Here are the Zodiac couples struggling with the most complicated relationships.

Nothing is ever easy for both of you.

If you’ve been in a long-distance relationship or in a relationship with multiple breakups and reunions, you know the complexities of relationships. If you’ve ever been in a relationship, seen a movie, or read a book, you know how complicated relationships are with another person.

Relationships are complicated – so why try to maintain a particularly problematic one?

Sometimes there is nothing left but to draw a line and leave it behind. Sometimes, however, for some reason (perhaps out of sheer stubbornness) we hold onto a relationship and want to work on it, even if it brings us frustration, anger, and tears.

Is it a matter of pride? Maybe because we feel that most people would give up a relationship as complicated as ours, but we ourselves will save them, even if it is the last thing we do?

No matter how much you wish the relationship to become a healthy and successful one, sometimes it just isn’t possible and all of your constant repair work will only make it worse.

Giving up a relationship doesn’t mean you are lazy or weak – rather, you are acting smart and practical. Sometimes the heart does not want to hear what the mind has to say, even when it is clear to everyone that there is no way that this relationship can last.

Some relationships are just doomed to fail before they even start, others turn out to be more than challenging.

If external factors such as children or a mutual business matter and the ending of the relationship affects more people than just the two involved, then it is worth trying to work on the problems and to deal with them.

But is it wise to enter into a relationship when it can be foreseen that it will get complicated and only get more difficult over time? If we can avoid a relationship with endless, unsolvable problems, it may be best not to get involved in them in the first place.

Astrology can tell us all about zodiac sign compatibility and which zodiac signs have the most complicated relationships.

12 Zodiac Couples That Have The Most Complicated Relationships:

1. Aries & Virgo

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First, let’s talk about what would draw these two together. These two signs are completely opposite and opposites attract.

Virgo would admire Aries self-confidence and uncompromising assertiveness. Aries would find the Virgo’s brilliant mind very appealing and her ability to solve any problem.

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However, Aries tendency to take risks and fail to consider all aspects of action before acting would drive the ever-worried Virgo insane.

Should the Aries get into a gruff mood and be harsh with the Virgo, that could end everything between the two.

When a fire sign (Aries) and an earth sign (Virgo) team up, it is difficult for both of them to understand the behavior and attitudes of the other.

2. Taurus & Scorpio

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The sensuality of Taurus and the love of Scorpio would go well together.

Both are passionate, cautious with their trust, and can be extremely jealous – which would be the core of their problems. Taurus will not understand Scorpio’s jealous behavior and need for revenge.

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These two signs would definitely drive each other into some kind of dead end as neither of them gives in. A relationship could work if it was confined to the bedroom; outside of that, however, there is too much danger that one of them will hurt the other.

3. Gemini & Aquarius

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In some ways, these two are a perfect match – they are both free spirits who love conversation and are very intellectual.

Both love people, but twins are better at being social for the sake of socializing; they don’t need a reason or agenda, while Aquarius would prefer the social event to be accompanied by a fundraiser for a good cause.

Gemini are more adaptable than Aquarius and are better at expressing their feelings. Aquarius would prefer that no one express their feelings at all, which will not suit the Gemini.

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How much fun is love or happiness when you can’t talk about it?

Gemini are known for their volatility, Aquarius for their unpredictability, and sometimes these two qualities do not get along – but sometimes they do.

4. Cancer & Pisces

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Both Cancer and Pisces are creative, caring, and sensitive people, but Cancer can tend to get too emotionally involved, which Pisces cannot fully understand.

Cancer is also fully aware of how each of its relationships influenced it and made it the person it is today; however, he has the impression that Pisces not only do not remember the past, but also never seem to learn from their mistakes.

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These two are great partners in a creative sense and work well together on artistic projects like art installations, theater productions and readings, but everyday relationship work can be a challenge for them.

5. Leo & Sagittarius

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These two characters know how to have fun and how to make a great first impression. Sagittarius usually does this with their fantastic sense of humor and Leos with their star appeal.

The problem is that the Leo desperately needs someone to give them the limelight, and Sagittarius isn’t good at just being a pretty appendage.

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If Leo loses his temper, becomes condescending, or tries to patronize, Sagittarius will not stay or use all of his energy and talents to help Leo feel better.

However, these two are fearless and love to have fun, so that they go well together as friends (or good friends with benefits), but a long-term romantic relationship would be complicated.

6. Virgo & Aquarius

Virgos care what other people think of them, but Aquarius doesn’t care. Virgos are known to be even-tempered and dependable, and they tend to rely on proven methods that they have already tried.

Aquarius prefers to be inventive and is extremely curious about new and untried things.

Virgos often find Aquarius frustrating for being too flighty and daring. However, they also wish to be as free as Aquarius themselves and admire them for it.

Virgos like to be around Aquarius because they know they often need to be reminded of the possibilities that life has to offer.

7. Libra & Pisces

Libra and Pisces are truly lovable, caring, and sometimes gentle people. Libra greatly admire and love to spend time with Pisces.

Both signs can be very romantic and tend to idealize love – when both partners have their heads in the clouds it becomes difficult for them to have realistic expectations and goals.

If one or the other shows how real he is, it can happen that he falls from his pedestal in the eyes of the other.

These zodiac signs are perfect for a romantic movie or novel, but struggle with happiness until the end of their days. As for romance, they’re perfect for a summer flirt, but anything long-term will take work.

8. Scorpio & Leo

Here we have a power couple made to last. Both signs are dynamic, passionate and proud. They are viewed by other people as leaders and role models.

Scorpio values ​​honesty and passion above all else, Leos do not have such a close relationship with truth. If they have to fool a little so as not to hurt someone else’s feelings or to look better themselves, then be it.

The Scorpio may get jealous and may not understand that the Leo’s intention in flirting is not to attract the other, but to pull them into their orbit.

These two signs tend to be dominant in their relationships, which can create complications if both of them enter into a dominance contest.

9. Sagittarius & Libra

Sagittarius is a wonderful party goer because he’s so open-minded and friendly; Libra are drawn to it.

Sagittarius, like Libra, tend to avoid conflict, but often their solution to dealing with an awkward situation is simply to put some distance between yourself and the problem.

Sagittarius is extremely independent, which may upset Libra, who hates being alone. Sagittarians can be straightforward and don’t have Libra’s diplomatic skills.

Libra is too indecisive and Sagittarius too unreliable for a relationship between the two to last.

10. Capricorn & Cancer

Capricorn and Cancer have a lot in common – both value their friends and family, both need a cozy place to consider as home, and both are very reliable.

Cap is less emotional than Cancer, but is always ready to shoulder a strong shoulder against Cancer through any emotional turmoil it goes through.

Cancer can be emotionally needy, which Capricorn does not mind, as long as it is not required to be as open with its emotions as Cancer.

Capricorns tend to be more reserved than Cancers, who tend to have their hearts on their tongues. As long as the two create a balanced give and take in the partnership, a relationship is feasible (though not without challenges).Video player0:0000:03

11. Aquarius & Sagittarius

Two zodiac signs meet here who love to travel, meet new people and don’t need a travel companion to have fun. They both value their own independent natures as well as that of their partner.

Difficulties could arise, however, from the fact that Sagittarius can ultimately be extremely self-centered – especially when this meets Aquarius’ selfless need to help other people.

These two seem to set off together, but at some point drift off in completely different directions and end up in two completely different places.

12. Pisces & Capricorn

Pisces like to spend time dreaming and thinking, while Capricorns are far too pragmatic for that. They tend to be closed, mysterious, and sometimes even a little stealthy, which the Capricorn may not go over too well.

Fish are easier to influence than ibex; for the relationship to work, Capricorn must not use this against the Pisces.

Pisces will always decide in someone’s favor when in doubt, while Capricorn needs evidence that change has taken place.

Pisces are much more trusting than Capricorns and have a completely different view of life and the world, which can lead to complications in relationships in general, but especially between Pisces and Capricorn.


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