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6 zodiac signs with the worst reputation (and why they’re misunderstood)

Tired of hearing all the negative things about your zodiac sign?

Each sign of the zodiac has its advantages and disadvantages. If you read a lot of articles on astrology, you might find that some signs have far more disadvantages than advantages.

When we rank zodiac signs for whatever good qualities we can think of, some of them always seem to end up at the bottom of the list – and in the end, zodiac signs get a bad rap they don’t deserve. Even a horoscope can be intimidating this way.

That doesn’t seem fair, does it? What do people always have against the virgin? Why shouldn’t you be able to trust the Scorpio?

The sun sign is only one component of the complete natal chart – it is not even the most important part when it comes to determining individual personality traits. We shouldn’t lump all representatives of one or the other zodiac sign together.

However, it’s easy to dwell on the negative aspects of each zodiac sign and forget that there is a very good reason that they even have these traits.

Life cannot – and should not – consist solely of positive energy. There has to be a balance.

When we look at all the subtleties and subtleties that describe each zodiac sign, we are beginning to understand that what at first appears to be a large lump of bad energy are actually necessary life talents and useful traits.

Everything is also subjective. Depending on who wrote the descriptions, the twin, for example, can either be a talkative slimy or a charming, expressive person of the world.

Even daily horoscopes can be interpreted in many different ways – so how can we feel called to label one or the other sign as always hurtful, annoying or disappointing?

Sure, every sun sign has a few basic characteristics that describe personality as a whole, but these descriptions are very generalized.

If you really want to find out something about someone, look at their natal chart – or better yet, spend time talking with them and get to know their real motivations, dreams and fears.

Here are the bad reputed zodiac signs and why they’re misunderstood.

1st Sagittarius (March 21st – April 19th)

Sure, shooters are hotheads who like to break the window if they can’t get the door open on the first try.

You hear a lot about the irritability of the shooters, all the arguments they break out and their inclination to storm off without looking first. Sagittarius is a sign of energy and therefore it is often assumed that thinking is not your strength.

But Sagittarius is restless, not stupid. Sagittarians want to feel like they are moving forward, even if they have to smash things to make their way.

They are individualistic and straightforward and make good leaders precisely because they prefer to do something about a problem (anything!) Rather than sit around and talk it over to death.

They argue and fight not just to stand up. The unconditional commitment of Sagittarians to their ideals makes them passionate and blunt, and they will never shy away from defending people or things that mean something to them.

So they sometimes overshoot the mark, but no one can deny their sincerity.

2. Twins (May 21 – June 20)

When we read about the negative side of Gemini, the suspicion arises that under their dynamic, charismatic appearance, they have no real personality of their own.

The Gemini is like a social sponge that soaks in any prevailing mood and energy that it encounters. Geminis are unreliable, deceptive, and … hey, wait a minute.

The goal of Gemini is to communicate and make connections, be it for themselves or for others. To do that, they have to be adaptable and get along with all sorts of different people.

Just because Gemini really understands you when you share your thoughts with them doesn’t mean they can’t understand your enemies too – and it certainly doesn’t make them an unreliable person or a traitor.

Every matter has many sides and no one “right” view. Gemini shows us how important and productive it is to be able to stay open and listen instead of just clinging to one perspective.

3. Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Cancer is moody. Cancer is passive-aggressive. Cancer is paranoid. It always seems like the Cancer either stops talking to you or is overwhelming you with desperate affection.

Maybe the problem here isn’t cancer. Perhaps we need to face our hidden feelings and deal with our own mummy complex.

Cancer is the “mother” of the zodiac sign. Nothing is more important to him than the home and the family. (This may not sound entirely politically correct, but remember that this metaphor is based on ancient traditions – astrology does not attribute gender roles.)

Cancer is a worry maker, but that’s because it actually means so much to its loved ones.

As an emotional watermark, Cancers communicate through feelings. You may not have a solution to every problem, but when a loved one experiences pain, Cancers feel it too. They will do everything to make you feel better.

If you don’t show the Cancer that you value his devotion, he will feel completely rejected by you – and who could blame him if he sometimes withdraws grumpily into his armor?

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