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Weekly Horoscope: Find out what surprises the stars have reserved for the last days of October



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The  stars will be on your side and you will feel very energized. You will be able to withstand any difficulty and not step on anything. You will get great pleasure both professionally and sentimental. It is only advisable to take some caution at work, as any colleague may become jealous of you.


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Sweet Home Homes … Despite your nature, this week you will be very committed to family life. The partner and the kids will be excited about it. Friendships will also be favored, especially during the second half of the week. You have a lot to tell your friends about past experiences and look forward to learning something from them.


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The  month of October will leave much to be desired in terms of feelings for those born of this sign. The sentimental situation is predicted to be difficult. You will suffer spiritually, and at the weekend you will experience feelings of jealousy. It is also advisable to look after the finances, which have decreased after the last vacation with your family.


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This will generally be a good week. Mars will favor you and as a result you will feel more energized and ready to do projects as well as be more forward-thinking. You will be very lucky, especially professionally. If you know how to be determined, you will get the rating you deserve.


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It looks like everything will be going well this week professionally. If you know how to use this in your favor, the benefits will be many. You will welcome the challenges and look for the most difficult tasks, but you will feel rewarded monetarily. Beware, because the partner may complain because of your many commitments.


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 Libra will encounter difficulties this week in a professional way, especially in terms of relationships with superiors and colleagues. You would do well to clarify your rights and obligations. You will need peer support for some back-end projects. Fortunately your friends will know how to get you out of trouble.


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This week will be characterized by calm. Nothing shocking will happen in your life these days. Thanks to the influence of the stars, you will not be focused on one place, nor will you have much desire to work. Fatigue these days will not allow you to be in your best shape. It is advisable to give a solution to a long-standing problem.


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 It is projected to be a stressful week professionally. After your vacation days, a mountain of work awaits you. You will need to work hard to put everything in line. After a busy week, even the weekend will be stressful. But do not worry, because it is only a transitional period and everything will be adjusted.


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This will generally be an auspicious week, during which you will get to work diligently and dedicate yourself to numerous projects without feeling tired. Those who work privately will be more favored. It will not be too late and the success you will reap will be reflected in your income. Even in personal terms the situation seems calm.


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 Thanks to the positioning of the stars, these days you may be somewhat distracted and have no clear ideas. Be careful about your tasks, as you can easily go wrong. You need to do something to regain the energy lost during the holidays. You will have many commitments, but you are in fact not yet able to fulfill them.


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 You are expected to feel melancholy these days. You will feel the lack of a person belonging to your past and you will become nostalgic. It is advisable to dedicate yourself to physical activities so that you do not fall into stagnation. Spend as much time with your family and you will see that you will feel better.


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