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How Do The Various Signs Of The Zodiac Choose Vacations


The preference for holiday destinations also depends on the zodiac sign. Here is how the various signs of the zodiac choose the holidays

We dream of the holiday season all year round to take a break from everyday problems and recover strength, energy and good humor. Each has a favorite destination, some prefer the sea, some the countryside or the mountain. Others, on the other hand, want to visit new cities or stay at home in peace by making small points in neighboring countries.
The variants are many and can be influenced by the economic situation of the moment or family. But let’s see how each sign can live this period, such as preferences and behaviors.


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He likes the last minute organized tours of improvisation. And he who decides and leads the company. Having no gregarious soul, it is difficult for him to choose to take a guided tour and if he were forced to, he will never find it in the wake of the tour guide. If there is possibility of doing sport, even extreme, for sure it will adhere: for love of competition and for the taste of danger. Don’t ask him to pose for a photo or to capture interesting landscapes because these are boring habits for him.


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He loves to organize his holidays carefully even several months in advance. You can feel good in a campsite as long as it is well organized, in a farmhouse or in a tourist village equipped with every comfort. Astrology sees him as a lover of the countryside but Taurus is also very good at the seaside as long as he has his comforts, good food and a way of having fun and making conquests. For him the holidays are synonymous with rest, which is why he will try to avoid any kind of proposal that involves long hours to spend in the car or long walks.


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Holidays for this sign are an opportunity to be together with others and to revel. He knows how to attract new friends with his sympathy and intelligent jokes. The trips, organized even at the last minute, are his best destination and he doesn’t worry about where to stay or how to go, he will always find someone willing to host him or who will offer him a ride. For those who do not have a family, faraway or exotic destinations are always desired but those who are busy will find the ideal place even in the nearest places, it is important that there is movement.


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He is undecided until the last moment about the date and destination and if he can return to the place where he spent his holidays in the last few years he is happier so he finds the same friendships and the same habits. He does not like crowded, noisy places, but he is sensitive to the beauty of the place, to the comforts and to the comforts. The mountain prefers the sea or the lake. He certainly won’t use his vacation days to play sports. His love for art can encourage him to visit other countries, other nations, with well-organized journeys, without too many surprises.


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Like Aries, even the Lion, although with a different mindset, prefers to be the one to choose destination and company. Although it is a sign of fire full of energy, it appreciates relaxation and comfortable situations and, if possible, high quality. It therefore chooses fashionable locations, well-attended or, at least, of certain tradition. It is good and makes the stay pleasant for those who accompany it. If in the family he does not skimp on the fun to his loved ones. Ruled by the Sun it needs its warmth and the sea, experienced both from land and by boat, is more appreciated than the mountain.


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For her holidays the Virgin leaves nothing to improvisation: everything has been planned for a few months before. The most rewarding stay for her is in a place of well-being like, for example, the spa. He also loves the mountains or the lake: places in which to rest mind and spirit. You can choose an agriturismo that offers organic food, yoga sessions or other relaxation techniques. She likes to travel, visit new cities. He prefers to stay away from crowded places but even the sea is among his favorite destinations, if anything he goes in search of the silent beach …


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She likes traveling, visiting art cities, stopping in places that have an atmosphere. If you can choose you will not miss cruises or trendy tourist villages. He appreciates good company and is interested in making new acquaintances but his best vacation is with the person of the heart. In travel, he claims to be in comfort and would not accept a journey without a precise destination or in places that are not pleasant. Balance women love shopping and those places that offer antique markets or nice shops to visit are preferred.


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‘s holidays, when and if he decides to do them, are never without purpose. The choice, well thought out, is towards places that can satisfy a curiosity, a desire, an inner goal. On the journey he seeks a stimulus otherwise he prefers to stay in the known places that can ensure that relaxation that attracts him more than anything else. It has no preference between sea or mountain and can even move on its own. If single can choose mundane locations in which to let go and live unconventionally between nightclubs and companies with few inhibitions.


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The passion for travel can push him to very distant destinations while that of sport can lead him to destinations that allow him to devote himself to the discipline that most attracts him in that period or towards which he has long nurtured a strong curiosity. He loves going free from programs and choosing his destination from moment to moment. There is also the most lazy and desirous of comfort Sagittarius that he will want for himself and for those who accompany him, precisely for this reason he will choose places and hotels that can give him the quality he requires and a good kitchen.


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Your vacations are not under the banner of the unexpected but must consider expenses and revenues. It is not the sign of great aspirations and can be satisfied with the usual well-established place that offers the desired guarantees and removes it from the annoyance of having to “find out” where to go. He loves the countryside and even more the mountain, if he chooses the sea he must be in a little-used place. Hotels may prefer a rented house or an apartment in a farmhouse. If you have a relative or friend willing to host you in a known and appreciated place, don’t miss the chance.


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Extrovert, dynamic, curious, lover of company and news, for sure your holidays will not be planned in advance or in the name of tranquility. He loves discovering new places, arriving in places that are not very popular, out of the known destinations and stopping to sleep where it happens, even in tents, but not alone because the company of like-minded people is essential in his “adventures”. Appreciates the cities of art because basically every aquarium is a little artist. The younger ones, on the other hand, are looking for fun, beaches and the trendiest clubs.


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The holiday for a Pisces is often synonymous with evasion: try to leave stressful situations and worries behind. Do not plan ahead and prefer to follow the inspiration of the moment. His favorite destination is the sea but he can let himself be enchanted by those places that offer views and dreamlike atmospheres. He does not like confusion or too intrusive company, he likes to savor every moment of his relaxation and energy of the place where he is. Wherever you choose to stay you will be able to conform to the habits and traditions of the inhabitants.


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