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Horoscope Of Appearance: What Features Are Inherent In Each Zodiac Sign


Horoscope of appearance: what features are inherent in each sign of the zodiac. About Aquarius 100% true! It turns out that each representative of the Zodiac circle has characteristic features that are unique to him. Of course, the external signs of the zodiac signs are more designed for typical representatives, but in most cases this horoscope really works! Compare yourself and your friends with descriptions of the appearance of the zodiac signs and see for yourself!


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Aries is easy to recognize by thick hair of hair and pronounced, thick or converging to the bridge of the nose eyebrows. Hair can be any color, but always have a very rich shade: for example, a bright blonde or a burning brunette. But most often Aries hair is cast with copper. In general, redheads are very common among representatives of this sign. Aries is also easily recognizable by its bold gaze and burning eyes.

The physique is most often strong, with well-developed muscles, which allows Aries to be in good shape until old age. The skin is dark or reddish. Representatives of this sign often have moles on their heads or faces, one large or slightly smaller. Aries movements are sharp and choppy, the gait is swift.


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Both men and women are often very beautiful. You rarely meet a lean Taurus; physically, these are real robust. The body of the representatives of this sign is strong, strong and proportional. True, with age, men have a stomach due to a sedentary lifestyle. Gesture is restrained, because Taurus is sedate and try not to make unnecessary movements. Their characteristic feature is thick hair, often dark in color.

Men may also have dense vegetation on their chest and face (they really have a beard!). Skin color is swarthy. The eyes of Taurus are large enough, dark gray, brown or with a Persian incision. The eyelashes are long and thick, the look is soft, velvet. The lips are full and sensual. On the cheek you can often see one large mole. Ears are either pressed very tightly or they are very protruding.


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The physique of Gemini is often asthenic, they are not muscular, but sinewy. The figure is slim, limbs are long, growth is often above average. The face is elongated, thin, with thin features, somewhat asymmetrical. Of course, full Gemini are sometimes found, but even they are agile and agile. Freckles are often on the face. Lips or pursed, or a bow. The expression on the Twins is somewhat roguish. The look is lively and quick, the eyes are small. The hair is thin and naughty, so Gemini often cuts her hair short. Hair and eye color can be any. The nose is thin, very often with a sharp tip. Due to the constant and lively facial expressions, the skin of the face is prone to stretching and eventually becomes covered with a net of wrinkles.


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Cancers tend to be overweight, especially with age. The outlines of the body are soft, vague. The face is round and full, the skin of the face is pale. The nose is softly outlined. The hair is soft, smooth and obedient. Usually they are either light or blue-black. Cancer is most easily recognized by the eyes, which are of two types. The first type: roundish, convex, watery, with a very meek and sad expression. Such eyes may be blue, gray or green. The second type: the gaze is directed inward. The section of the eyes can be narrower and more saturated in color, even brown eyes are found. The piquant detail of women is Cancer: a beautiful large breast with a mole on it.


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Leo is characterized by a well-built figure and a muscular body. Men often have broad shoulders and narrow hips. In women, narrowness in the hips appears only in adolescence, and then the hips become proportionate to the figure. If Leo prefers to lead a lazy lifestyle, then with age he can grow stiff. But Lions usually like to play sports, so they know how to maintain their body in order. The growth of Leo is either very high or very low (Napoleon).

A person with pronounced cheekbones: wide or high set. The head is round, large and proudly raised. Eyes are radiant, often with raised external corners, the view is clear. Typical Lions are distinguished by a thick, light hair, but men often have bald patches on the sides of their foreheads (cat ears). Hair and eyebrows easily fade in the sun.


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Virgo’s average build. The figure is proportionate, can be either dense or thin, but not obese. Virgins are characterized by a low waist. The face is oval and tense. The eyes are small, attentive with a tenacious look. Lips tightly pressed. The nose can be large or long, often has a slightly pronounced hump. The hair is thin and smooth. Hair color can be any, but darkens with age. Eyes can also be any color. The most common hazel hazel or cornflower blue.


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The physique of Libra is asthenic, thin-boned, fragile, but very harmonious. Growth is often short, even low. Women are petite and very attractive. They have a thin waist, high chest, perfect shape of the buttocks and hips. Men are also attractive, but they can not be attributed to the athletic type. All Libra remain attractive even in old age. The most characteristic feature of this sign is the dimples on the cheeks. The lips are sensual and bright. The contour of the upper lip resembles Cupid’s bow, and the lower lip is quite plump. The eyebrows are neat and well defined, especially their outer corners. The hair is very beautiful, slightly curly, any color. Men by the age of 30 can begin to go bald, which, however, does not spoil them.


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Scorpio always has a bright and well-remembered appearance. This sign is most easily recognized by the eyes. Their gaze is especially striking: burning, tenacious, penetrating to the depths of the soul. Eye color can be any, but always very bright. Often it is either very dark, deep eyes, or cold steel. The outer corners of the eyes can be raised. The nose is quite thin, with a hump and a pointed tip down. The upper lip is slightly upturned.

The hair is thick and stiff. Scorpions may well be bright blondes, but more often they are burning brunettes. The body is prone to fullness, especially with age. Usually they have a strong physique, sometimes even athletic. Growth is above average. Manners are calm, confident, but Scorpio is always ready for action.


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Sagittarius has a tall, dense physique, and a strong muscular body. There is a tendency to be overweight, even to obesity, but at the same time they always look presentable. In men, a stomach appears over time, in women there may be heavy hips, although the upper body is quite elegant. A characteristic feature of Sagittarius is an elongated nose of any shape. A high forehead and chin with a dimple stand out on the face. The eyes are usually wide apart, the look is somewhat mocking, but not insolent. Most often, the eyes are brown. The hair is soft and very thick (especially in women), although bald Sagittarius is also found among men. Among the representatives of this sign are many brown-haired people.


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Capricorn most often has a lean, lean physique. Of course, there are stocky Capricorns, but this is a very rare occurrence. Representatives of this sign have a narrow chest and a thin neck. Growth can be anything. Facial expression is always focused. The face itself is narrow, pale or earthy. The nose is often long and the profile is stiff. The lips are narrow and pale. The nasolabial folds are strongly expressed on the face. Hair is often dark, straight. The most characteristic feature of Capricorn is the lowered outer corners of the eyes. Eye color is pale, gray eyes are most often found. The look is alienated. In youth, Capricorn’s appearance is rather harsh, cold and distant. But with age, they seem to get younger and become very attractive.


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The physique of Aquarius is average, quite strong, although not athletic. Growth is most often high. The face is oval, without pronounced facial features, the shape of the nose and lips. Because of this quality, the appearance of Aquarius is not always remembered, although they often differ in a very unusual appearance. Any hair color, but in most cases they are wavy. Lips are smiling, with raised corners. The most characteristic features of Aquarius: a clear open face and a flying gait. Women-Aquarius are not much prone to age-related changes, with age getting younger right before our eyes.


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The beauty of Pisces is mysterious and elusive. A typical Pisces has a round face with soft features. The complexion is often pale or pale pink. The eyes are big, sad, a little sleepy. In youth, Pisces are very attractive, thin and slender. However, with age, they begin to blur. It’s hard for them to maintain a slim figure, for this you need to spend several hours each day at the gym, do gymnastics and running. Diets do not give the desired result. Male Pisces are also prone to fullness and vagueness with age. But they often have an elongated face, and their eyes are not so large.

Personally, everything came together for me and my friends! What do you say?


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