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Health Tips For Each Zodiac Sign


Aries :

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 With iron health, it is rare that those affected by this sign become ill. With enough energy they never fail to comply with what was sent, even with some kind of problem. However, the Aries should be careful with the head, being the weakest point of their body. Fever, migraines and inflammations are common. Some cuts may also appear since they are always moving.
Tip:  Practice sports regularly, but always respecting the limits of your body. Sleep as needed for your body to recover and focus on cholesterol.


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 Taurus enjoy eating, but do not like to exercise. So they tend to gain weight more easily. They become depressed when they are affected by some disease, however simple. It has weak point the region of the neck, throat and ears. In women, problems usually appear in hormones.
Tip:  Get used to a more balanced diet and reduce the amount of sweets. Find some exercise that gives you pleasure.


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 Little concerned about health, Geminis do not stop quiet. Those governed by this sign must adopt the custom of eating calmly and sleeping what is necessary for the recovery of the body. The body also needs peace of mind. Region of the lungs, hands and arms are the weak points of the Geminis. Attention with unnecessary stress.
Tip:  Dispense industrialized or pre-prepared foods. Rest your body and do not think sleeping is a waste of time. Read a book and practice exercises.


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Due to the excess of sentimentality it is normal that it ends up joining the problems within you and bringing unpleasant consequences to your body. The part that suffers most from this is your stomach. It is normal to feel heartburn, craving or poor digestion. Keep away from bad thoughts and calm down or you may develop gastritis. In women, problems in the breasts and reproductive system are common. But, the Cancer has the quality to follow the medical recommendations.
Tip:  Avoid fats and do not overeat. Pay attention to salt. Try to relate to optimistic people, they will do you and your body well.


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  Because they are very contradictory, it is normal for the Leo to feel dread of being sick, but they do not take care of health as they should. Its weak point is the spine, eyes and heart. Frequent visit to the doctor is necessary for routine appointments. Lumbar pains and fever tend to bother those ruled by this sign.
Tip:  Eat foods rich in magnesium and do not overdo the amount of food. Prefer fish, apple, kale and lettuce. Attention with symptoms of depression.


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 Careful with your body notice quickly when something is not different. For Virgos, prevention is better than cure. They choose healthy attitudes and know the right medicines for possible problems. It has sensitive points in the intestine and the stomach, since the Virgo tend to become nervous more easily.
Tip:  Take care of your digestive system so it does not develop ulcers or diarrhea. Take breaks in the stretching service since your hands may also be a specific weakness.


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  Libras need peace of mind. But swallowed up by the day-to-day running of your body, your body is easily weakened. Pressures at work can lead to health problems such as anxiety and irritation. Preventive examinations are the best way to avoid possible diseases. Problems in the kidneys and bladder may appear since they are your most sensitive organs.
Tip:  Choose exercises that will help you release stress. Introduce colorful dishes such as salads and vegetables into your diet.


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Those ruled by this sign usually have gastric problems due to the custom of storing emotions. Nervousness also worsens these problems. However, because they have great resistance, they take these problems literally. Attention with the s..ual organs and s..ually transmitted diseases.
Tip:  Avoid overeating with licit drugs like alcohol and cigarettes. Quit addictions and start a healthier lifestyle.


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 Because they are very active people, Sagittarius do not always restore energies as they should. In-congruent, they do not like to get sick, but they overindulge in food and drink and venture dangerously. With so much adrenaline, they need a break in the day to rest. Watch out for sciatic nerve, femur, thighs and hips.
Tip:  Optimism is your holy remedy for health problems. Keep it up and just help your body with medicine when needed. Beware of anxiety.


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 When it comes to health, Capricorns are the most disciplined. If they need to take some medicine, they strictly follow the prescriptions and schedules, and with such dedication they like to return to activities as soon as possible. Moments of relaxation are indispensable. Watch out for joints like knees, wrists and ankles.
Tip:  Do not dispense moments of leisure and relaxation. They are essential for the proper functioning of your body.


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 Convinced that their health is iron, Aquarius end up committing exaggerations. Normally, they do not give rest to the mind; insomnia, stress and restlessness are common, since they do not turn off for a minute. They can be extremely sedentary and, with this, develop circulatory problems and anemia. Women of this sign should practice daily walks.
Tip:  Do not contest medical or diagnostic opinions. Follow the instructions correctly to recover more quickly.


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Sensitive, Pisces suffer with constant emotional upheavals that affect their health. It is easy to catch colds and flu. Greater attention to the feet. Wear comfortable shoes and cut your nails regularly. Beware of alcohol.
Tip:  Iron-rich foods like beans, onions and strawberries are great for your sign. Keep your head cool and your whole body will be fine.


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