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The Most Weeping Zodiac Signs

Crying is one of the most intense manifestations of feeling that the human being is able to demonstrate. It is possible to cry for emotion, for sadness, anguish, pain and even for joy. The cry is able to express a feeling so strong that it could not contain within itself. Therefore, crying is also seen as the truest form of expression, since in theory it is usually spontaneous and can not be forced. The personality of all of us is shaped in large part by the indicative of tendencies of the energies of the regent signs of each one. Some of these signs have a greater tendency to demonstrate their emotions, others already tend to repress. 

When the question is crying, however, it has no sign other than the three that are governed by the element water: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. 

They are the three weeps of the zodiac and tend to be known all around them, for even if they try to contain their emotions, they do not usually succeed with great success, crying is often stronger than the control of their sensations. However, although the three are great whiners and also governed by the element Water, they are very different in the way of demonstrating and even the motives that usually awaken this cry. Check below how each of them cries: 

– Cancer  

Cancer is the sign known as the most sentimental and maternal of all of them. The water of these natives is usually a fluid water, even liquid, of those that never cease; and so are your feelings. Cancers are those kinds of people who usually cry for whatever reason, from the margarine commercial to an injustice committed under their eyes. In a fight, for example, it is not uncommon for a Cancer to start crying while arguing his point of view. The great challenge of the Cancers is to be able to contain this current of water and learn to control their feelings, after all it is not always something very natural and indicated to leave crying around. 

– Scorpio  

Despite being a more closed and mysterious sign, Scorpios are also pure emotion. However, it is that more rigid, frozen water that needs real stimuli to melt and flow. It may be that you have never seen a Scorpio who knows how to cry, because he tends to withdraw and only in his own company allows himself to cry without restrictions. It is the famous type of person who cries during the bath with the shower on, so that no one can see its fragility.

  • Pisces

Pisces are water in vapor, that water that flies, that floats around and often is lost without knowing where to go. Pisces are extremely sensitive and usually cry a lot, even if at times they do not even know the real reason for it. The great trigger of the cries of the Pisces is nothing more than the environment in which they are. As they are very sensitive to everything that happens around them, they let themselves easily become contaminated by anything that triggers a feeling or a sensation. Never expect a Pisces to see someone cry and be able to comfort without letting them cry with the person. It is necessary for these natives to learn to have greater control than it affects them.

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