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Interesting facts about Leo zodiac


Facts 1: Whether you agree with them or not, a Leo will always take a stand even when everyone else runs like a coward

Facts 2: A Leo worries more than you may think, especially about their loved ones. They really care and stuff.

Facts 3: Leo can read others’ intentions discreetly and usually with accuracy.

Facts 4: If a Leo wants you, you will be their prey. Trust me. They’ll get you.

Facts 5: Leos really don’t ever grow up. They always have childish side to them

Facts 6: Leo is a great friend because they often defend those who can’t defend themselves

Facts 7: When hurt, they prefer to suffer in private in the comfort of their own home.

Facts 8: They will never let you see them break mentally or physically

Facts 9: As a Leo you’re so good at making other people happy, but when it comes to your own happiness you seem to neglect it.

Facts 10: Leo when they’re pissed at you: I love you and all but hell you right now seriously.

Facts 11: If you date a Leo, loyalty and love are basically guaranteed. You’ll never have to question where they stand.

Facts 12: Their eyes: They have strong and admirable eyes. You will never experience as much confidence in the eyes of any other sign.

Facts 13: A Leo mentality: I dare you to find someone who loves you more than I do.

Facts 14: Leo can be very nasty when forced to deal with people they don’t like. never force them to associate with people they hate

Facts 15: If you date a Leo, loyalty, and love are basically guaranteed. you’ll never have to question where they stand

Facts 16:  They protect their own, can hold their own… and will be respected.

Facts 17: Something a Leo cares too much about something unhealthy and it destroys them.

Facts 18: Leos don’t even have to try hard to get you laughing, they say some of the most random things.

Facts 19: A Leo’s mind will always be 10 steps ahead of yours

Facts 20: They don’t want anyone to know they are suffering and won’t talk about it unless you bring it up first.

Facts 21: Leos may be friendly, but know that they are watching every nuance, every glance, and taking notes of who is safe and who isn’t.

Facts 22: Leave it to Leo to have a strong opinion about the things they despise. whereas some people may keep their dislikes hidden inside, Leo has no problem being vocal about the things they can’t stand

Facts 23: Leo dressed in their own style. They do not follow fashion. They make fashion.

Facts 24: A Leo’s biggest asset is also their biggest weakness.. their heart.

Facts 25: When all else fails, Leo turns on their favorite tunes and says “heck it”.

Facts 26: Leo is sometimes attracted to people and you can’t see why. they see a different side to people.

Facts 27: Leo often feels “alone” in life. And when not doing things of purpose, they can become very melancholy or stressed.

Facts 28: The great thing about Leo is that they know how to be soft and tender when they need to be… and straight-up hardcore when they need to be.

Facts 29: A Leo can decide quickly if they like someone or not, if they don’t like you then there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.

Facts 30: One thing a Leo does well remembers small details, especially if they were hurt behind the situation. you may have forgotten, but they didn’t.

Facts 31: Leo is often misunderstood because of their lack of outward emotions.

Facts 32: Leo tends to have different personalities. They can be very outgoing, funny, and boisterous one minute then turn around and become antisocial, shy, and moody.

Facts 33: Leo falls too hard and too damn fast sometimes. They’ll give you the world, but when you break their heart, it’s hell to pay.

Facts 34: When a Leo feels left out or uninformed about something, they take it very personally.

Facts 35: What makes a Leo sad: Not having their efforts recognized

Facts 36: Playing mind games with Leo is the biggest mistake you could make. They won’t get jealous, They will just replace you.

Facts 37: You have to be really close to a Leo for them to just open up because they don’t just blurt things out.

Facts 38: Even though Leo’s are known for their confidence, they often feel vulnerable on the inside.

Facts 39: One thing a Leo doesn’t like is someone who can’t mind their business and start throwing out assumptions with no clue about what’s going on.

Facts 40: Once a Leo has their heart set on something, don’t even try to intervene. there is no point

Facts 41: Once a Leo has their heart set on something, don’t even try to intervene. there is no point

Facts 42: Something Leo has a hard time doing: Showing vulnerability.

Facts 43: An upset Leo is often more mad at themselves for believing your stupid ass.

Facts 44: Leo will not tell you if they are mad at you, but will act very moody to show you instead.

Facts 45: Leos worry because they care. When they stop worrying… than they really don’t give a damn.

Facts 46: Leo’s Volume can get a bit high at times, especially when overly excited.

Facts 47: Leo is big on communication. If they can’t talk to you (even if they have to vent a little), it feels like a major disconnection.

Facts 48: Leos are prone to short-lived depressive moods and bouts of anger that may come out of nowhere.

Facts 49: Very few can handle a Leo

Facts 50: Leo tends to hold onto love or damaged relationships a lot longer than they should… they hate just giving up on certain people.

Facts 51: A Leo may be a sign of a tough person but a Leo can get hurt easily. They get upset over little things.

Facts 52: Leo is a flirt from time to time, but Leo’s heart is always loyal to one

Facts 53: A Leo will never beg for you to stay. If they have to keep fighting for your attention, then they don’t need you.

Facts 54: Leo does not always plan their next move. They are not always logical but act based on emotions.

Facts 55: Leo’s greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say they couldn’t do.

Facts 56: You don’t want to tell Leo to leave because they will leave and they won’t come back. Reverse psychology doesn’t work on them.

Facts 57: Leo is usually a ball of energy and good spirits but they can easily feel their world has come crashing down over one particular situation. It overwhelms them.

Facts 58: Leo level of sarcasm is to a point where they don’t even know if they’re kidding or not.

Facts 59: Leo may love people but they also love alone time, so give them space.

Facts 60: Leo will not put any effort into something that they think it will not work and waste their energy.

Facts 61: As long as you’re giving too, a Leo will give give give give & not get tired of it!

Facts 62: Leo doesn’t care if you’re black, white, straight, short, tall, fat, skinny, rich, or poor. If you’re nice to them, they’ll be.

Facts 63: Leo never gives up on things they want most easily. It’s difficult to wait, but it’s even more difficult to regret.

Facts 64: Leos don’t like to share the loving person which belongs to them.

Facts 65: Leo can show their disappointment in you without using words.

Facts 66: Leo thinks about “Us” a lot. Even when “Us” doesn’t exist.

Facts 67: Don’t waste Leo’s time. They don’t know how much God gave them.

Facts 68: A Leo can get away with murder with their charm and smile.

Facts 69: Leo’s can spot bullshit from miles away. Don’t lie to them.

Facts 70: Leo possesses a natural generosity that allows them to not think twice about lending a helping hand, especially if they care about you.

Facts 71: Hiding things from Leo isn’t a great idea, they are great at investigating things that seem to be wrong.

Facts 72: Leos can turn from the sweetest person on earth to the rudest and heartless in just a blink of an eye if you screw them over.

Facts 73: Things Leo won’t tolerate: Someone pretending like they care when they really don’t.

Facts 74: The more a Leo knows you, the more they can predict your every move and reaction.

Facts 75: A Leo is one of the toughest people you will have ever come across with the biggest heart.

Facts 76: Leos never have a problem loving others, but deep down they can never find someone that will love them the same way.

Facts 77: Leo can’t stand cheaters. They’re loyal lovers and expect the same in return.

Facts 78: When hurt, they prefer to suffer in private in the comfort of their own home.

Facts 79: Leo can always be trusted.

Facts 80: They’re not as forgiving as you may think once the damage is done, it’s hard for them to go back.


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