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The Worst Defects of Each Zodiac Sign


The zodiac, which basically means “the wheel of animals”, continues to turn without stopping. An esoteric knowledge from which information and forecasts have been extracted for more than 3,000 years. However, we have to explain that this knowledge has no scientific basis, the readers will be the ones to judge its validity.

For many it works as mystical advice, perhaps it will inspire or help you to reflect. Continue your reading to learn about the main defects of the 12 signs of the zodiac…


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The most negative of those born under this symbol is that they are sometimes very possessive, and do not respect the thoughts of others. They can also be stubborn, not allowing anyone to advise them about their life.

Although they don’t mean any harm, they can demand a lot from others and direct them more than usual. They seem to enjoy any discussion, a quality that can be exasperating if they are not aware of it…


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Taurus are also somewhat persistent people in some cases. Something that usually frustrates them is that when they get excited about a goal and start working on it they usually don’t finish it, they get tired sooner.

They do not usually accept sudden changes and when they stick to the past they suffer. In the sentimental field they can behave jealously if they are given some suspicious sign, something that can obsess them. On the other hand they can develop a sickly materialism…


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They are superfluous and do not like to be tied down at any time. They can also give the impression of being impertinent, since they do not care much for their speech, they can hurt others if they do not care about this.

Of an unpredictable nature, they are difficult to understand and deal with frequently. All this adds up to a vital uncertainty that makes every choice a serious problem…


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They have always been known to be the most sensitive and fragile of all. This is not necessarily bad, but if they get too sad they seem in some points very dramatic and depressive. They will find themselves shedding tears for no particular reason, something that will be familiar to them.

They are honest, and will demand of their partners that they be so too, so that their jealousy may be exacerbated at times. On the other hand they will let go more than one possible love just because of shyness…


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Leo require a lot of attention, a fact that can make them very selfish and conceited. They do not usually mention it, but they have the impression that they stand out in almost every aspect of their personality.

They need someone to put their “feet on the ground” since disappointments due to their enormous self-esteem and ego can be very frustrating. Often artificial, they maintain an ideal image on the outside…


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Those who know them think they have a problem with obsessive-compulsive disorder. That’s because their manias and marked habits can multiply with stress in some stages of their lives. Meditation would be a valid way out for them, but they think it’s too complicated. Everything has an order, and that’s why they can’t bear to look fragile inside an affair.

They control their emotions a lot and cover them up, they have to find a being that calms them down and understands them…


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Libra are stable people who hate all kinds of chaos around them. They can change their opinions and ideas in the course of their lives, which may be fine, but only if it comes to an end. They seem to seek out disputes by positioning themselves against others. Libra are not usually satisfied with their present lives, which is reflected in their partners, with whom they do not go deeper thinking about what may come…


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They have a very powerful energy source that often seems to get out of control. Of a wild nature, they need a companion who will harbor the same concerns and encouragement, at the risk of seeking out others and committing infidelity. They love to talk about dark or “forbidden” subjects and to argue about them vividly.

Their behavior can also become too angry. Their jealousy increases as they love their partner.


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His worst part is that in everything he does or says he thinks he’s right. Debating with them is complicated because they never listen to the advice of others, even though it may be the best thing for them. They have the spirit of a leader, and their behavior with those around them will be impregnated with this impression, which is not pleasant . Saggittarius are very independent, they do not attend to any power, the rules are not made for them. They must be careful with their self-control, because they can give themselves over to any vice without much difficulty…


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In some stages they go from being pessimistic. In reality they see many reasons: from the falseness of the society in which they live to the repetition of everyday things on a daily basis.

Since they feel that any act they commit will not have enough transcendence, it is difficult for them to find a good job or change to a better one. Their personal demands exceed them and do not let them sleep. Before an authoritarian symbol they are used to give in…


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They are willing to be transgressors, they are not comfortable with the established rules. This sometimes causes others to be embarrassed, depending on the taste of their actions and the eye that sees them will have positive or negative connotations.

Provocation is another of their hobbies; they like to observe the reactions of others. Freedom is a sacred concept for them, so they will value it more than any family or sentimental commitment…


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They tend to have a prominent lack of attention. Thinking about other matters they tend to commit almost unforgivable forgetfulness. Business and work in general are not for them, they prefer the peace and love of the hippies.

Idealists, they end up falling in love with the wrong individuals. Their empathy makes them perfect to dedicate themselves to any social work, but they need a great effort to get ahead…


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