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The 4 strongest zodiac signs that are actually very sensitive.

Some people appear totally tough and strong on the outside. But if you get to know her better you can see her real face and get to know her sensitive side. Is there someone in your life who may have seemed inviolable at first, but after a while you found that he was actually totally soft and sensitive?

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Maybe he was one of the four zodiac signs that I would like to introduce to you in this article. These four zodiac signs build a protective wall throughout their life and try not to show their feelings. It is therefore difficult to discover their soft core. However, if you know them better, you know that they are full of emotions and are not as cold as they seem.

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I’ll tell you what zodiac sign I’m talking about:

The four strong zodiac signs that are actually quite sensitive


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You don’t really think of the virgin as being complicated. However, the inside looks very different. Your visible behavior appears to be very organized and structured. The virgin usually shows almost no emotions or emotional outbursts. It almost seems a little cold and numb. On the inside, however, she is a very loving and sensitive personality. 

Virgins therefore make a wonderful partner or friend. If you have a virgin by your side, then you can count yourself really happy. Because she will always take care that she not only takes something from you, but also gives something back to you. You can trust her and trust that she is absolutely loyal. 

Sometimes a virgin looks very perfectionistic. However, there is usually a very good reason for this. She wants everyone around her to feel comfortable. So everything should be perfect. Follow us here on Instagram.

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A cancer often appears very distant to the outside, because it regularly withdraws into its hard shell. Crabs don’t like to show their feelings in front of others. They are afraid of being overwhelmed by their feelings and of being in public at that moment. That is why he regularly seeks space to be able to withdraw.

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Cancer must be able to trust other people to be vulnerable. Only when he can play it safe and feels understood will he open up to other people. Then his sensitive and intuitive side will suddenly come to light. It’s actually a very nice site, which unfortunately not everyone gets to see. It takes time to win him over and get to know the real cancer. However, the effort to build trust in him will be worth it, I promise you that much! Follow us here on Instagram.


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As is well known, scorpions are rather reserved and seem almost unapproachable. But actually this is just a protective coat. Because scorpions are actually not so cold when you know them well. In contrast to cancer, the scorpion is less sentimental, but it is extremely easy to hurt it. And then you will also get to know the true emotional world of a scorpion. 

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The worst thing for a scorpion is negative criticism and the feeling of being betrayed. This is why a scorpion could explode internally if a loved one cheats on it. Scorpions then usually react with outbursts of anger. It is often the case that they take a great deal and eventually overflow the barrel. At this point, people around you realize that you have gone too far.

Another characteristic of a scorpion is that it takes a long time to be ready to forgive someone. Because a scorpion never forgets and it is incredibly difficult for him to let go of the pain. That is why this sign of the zodiac also belongs to the following personalities. Follow us here on Instagram. 

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Capricorn is one of the most sensitive and loving signs of the zodiac. Many tend not to think this of him, since at first glance he can look quite arrogant and very confident. An ibex wants to exude power and control. He needs this self-protection in order to first get an idea of ​​his counterpart and to be able to assess how far he can open up to him. Only when he is sure will he take the first step. Capricorn doesn’t want to lose control under any circumstances – neither about themselves nor about the situation.

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The ibex behaves very differently from its family and friends. He is particularly on hand in emergencies and takes good care of the people around him. He also has a very great empathy that many would never have expected of him, because otherwise he looks so self-centered. 

If you have an ibex in your life, you know that it will always be there for you and will never let you down. He will also understand you because he has a very great understanding of your feelings. Follow us here on Instagram. 

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