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The 6 most forgettable star signs. Remembering something is not one of their strengths.


The 6 most forgettable star signs. Remembering something is not one of their strengths.

You do not necessarily have to be an old person to have a bad memory. Some people have so many different things in their heads that it’s just hard to hold them together. Their thoughts are so crowded that there is simply no room left for things that they themselves do not consider important.

There are truly forgetful star signs that need to be constantly reminded of something. Here are by far the most forgettable people under the signs of the zodiac. Is yours here?

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The ram usually does not have a very long attention span because it often deals with many things at the same time. He rarely focuses on one thing, which makes it incredibly difficult to remember things that are not 100% focused

In the head of the ram is actually always a “race” about which thought is the most important for him and there are, as with any other race also, only one winner. And then he remembers this one thought while everyone else is forgotten. 


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The shooter’s memory is known to remember only half of a story or piece of information. You may remember a nice evening with you, but not exactly where you were or what movie you saw together, you just know it was a nice evening with you.

Shooters remember the big picture, but rarely the details. Sometimes they tend to misrepresent the details just so they do not realize they forgot. The Sagittarius is an optimist from the ground up, which is why he really thinks he remembers it, though he does not. 


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The memory of the lion tends to be crowded. His perception of events and memories is very much influenced by his personal experiences, his convictions and his gut feeling. Basically, that means he remembers something the way he sees fit and that’s rarely the way it really is.

For example, if he was angry or otherwise emotional while something happened that he needs to remember, then he will have a hard time remembering it correctly. He will, however, clearly remember his anger or an emotion he had during the event. 


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Pisces people tend to spend a lot of time in their past, so they often miss things that happen in their presence. Their memory is therefore often very flawed or has large gaps, because they were at certain events with their head somewhere else.

Sometimes it can happen that they fantasize about their imagination, they may remember and therefore they simply “invent” a memory and then tell themselves that it is true. Pisces People are very creative and have a vivid imagination, and so it is not wrong for them to think of a memory that makes them feel good. 

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Twins are the typical people who always “have it on their tongue” but do not think so. They know very well that they are about to remember, but they do not succeed. It can be very frustrating to know it somehow but not to be able to pronounce it.

The twin is constantly confronted with remembering something, but does not succeed. And in the evening, when he is in bed, he remembers what he tried to say a few hours ago. 


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Aquarius is considered intelligent and eloquent, and he has a memory that often suffers from “temporary overcrowding,” which means that if he has a phase in which he has to learn a lot or work with his head, then this will only work in error his Sparetime. The mind of Aquarius deletes in such a phase all information that is considered unimportant. For this reason, Aquarius can sometimes seem forgetful or “beside the cap” because it is either overworked or its mind is “mucking out” right now.

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