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Here is the horoscope for the optimistic shooter SAGITTARIUS

Lack of modesty

Today you are faced with expectations. Perhaps you should have provided break coffee. Or your colleague would like you to drive him home. You shop and pay more than expected. There are countless ways to make you feel like others are taking up too much space. Stay calm!

Get involved

Your sense of duty in groups and among friends is considerable. Today is a day when a commitment to friends brings you special satisfaction. Perhaps you think that you are not part of a group and do a lot to be accepted and recognized. Treat yourself as you are! You will be appreciated.

In a circle of like-minded people

Your circle of friends is rather unconventional. You too show your originality mainly in the circle of people with whom you are on the same wavelength. Uncomplicated people are particularly beneficial today. You can now bring new impulses to a work team or a group of friends, but you can also benefit from what others bring.

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