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4 zodiac signs that do NOT text after their separation

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One of the biggest difficulties after a breakup is to resist the temptation to text your ex. Many people swear by a “clean break” as the best way to process the feelings and move on. But if you miss someone and have to think about them all the time, the temptation to report back can be overwhelming.

However, some zodiac signs do not text their ex for various reasons – perhaps they are too proud and stubborn, or they just move on quickly without looking back.

Whatever the reason: these people avoid the strenuous back and forth that sometimes takes place after a separation between a former couple. And probably for a good reason.

Psychiatrists and psychoanalysts say that you should wait until “the acute reaction wears off” before contacting the ex. During the initial phase after the breakup, contact is more likely to cause difficulties, either falling into bed and regretting it, coming back together and getting doubts again, or hurtful and disappointing things are said, etc.

If your feelings are still fresh, you tend to make less wise decisions – like falling into bed with your ex or getting back with him before you really deal with it.

If you can avoid it, it’s best to stop contacting your ex for at least a few months until your initial reactions subside. It is easier for some people than for others. These four zodiac signs have no interest in communicating with their ex after the relationship ends. The next one please – they keep moving.

Bull (April 20 – May 20)

Bulls may think of their ex after a breakup, but are far too stubborn and proud to actually report to him. They need to maintain their regular routine in order to feel stable and confident – and texting their ex would disturb this routine worryingly.

If an ex first texts a bull, he or she may give in to curiosity and respond. But this only happens when the bull feels that he has the situation under control. Otherwise, they’d rather deal with the pain alone rather than risk the stress that would inevitably result from post-separation communication.

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Aries (March 21 – April 19)

A ram moves far too quickly to think about texts about the ex. Aries are already on the next big thing before they have actually processed the separation. This is not to say that Aries are not devoted partners at the moment – but as soon as a relationship is over, it is really over for them.

Instead of texting the ex, Aries tends to tag him on Twitter, present himself from the cream page on Instagram and do everything to convince the world of her perfect life. Why text the ex when you can subtly wipe it out on a public forum? Aries cannot stand the feeling that they have been wronged, so let everyone know that you are much better off alone, thank you.

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Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Honestly: A shooter sees a separation as an opportunity to free himself from chains and to lead life again in his own way. If it should be, it will happen. And if not, then bye! Off to the next adventure. Shooters will not text the ex because they are busy filling their newfound free time with a thousand new activities.

Shooters have no interest in being in the past. Instead, they prefer to focus on the future and put twice as much energy into achieving their lofty goals. When one door closes, another opens, and contact with the Ex only remains.

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Twins (May 21 – June 20)

Why doesn’t the twin text his ex? Frankly, he’s probably already on dating apps again to distract himself from the breakup. Twins love relationships and would rather look for confirmation from a new sweetheart as soon as possible. They are not interested in working with an ex after a breakup that has hurt their ego.

Twins are notorious for moving quickly from one thing to the next. A bad breakup seriously hurts their feelings and they counteract this by plunging into a new relationship head on, instead of contacting the person who made them sad. Internally, however, they resist the urge to report back.

For these four zodiac signs, it only feels natural to avoid contact with the ex, and hopefully that will also help them heal and move on. A “zero contact” rule is not the only way to get over a separation – you have to take your time to find out what you really want.

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And if these zodiac signs do not give priority to self-reflection, silence by text will not help them much. In the end, it’s just about the intention behind your decisions.

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