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5 heavy signs of the zodiac that practically do not get along with other people

Each zodiac sign carries a train of certain stereotypes. For example, Virgo and Capricorn are known for their pedantry, Crayfish – for melancholy calm. Here is a selection of the five signs of the zodiac, with representatives of which it is difficult to communicate and it is not easy to establish good relations.


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Representatives of this sign are endowed with supernatural tenacity, more precisely, obstinacy. Because of this, communicating with Capricorn is not easy. Capricorn will never make concessions, will not violate its principles. To earn respect and disposition of people is not an easy task. It is for this reason that Capricorns have few friends and they do not easily meet new people.

Conservative Capricorns, as a rule, communicate with those whom they have known for a long time. At the same time, they strive for leadership and are somewhat oppressive. Therefore, if you want to make friends with a representative of this sign, show maximum patience and endurance.


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Like Capricorn, Aquarians are very stubborn and go far in their obstinacy. They do not stop to do their own thing to the detriment of the interests of others. When an emergency occurs, their rationality and rationality disappear without a trace, and in their place comes anger and restraint. From the complex nature of Aquarius, both family members and random people suffer.


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Unlike Capricorn and Aquarius, the Twins are quite friendly and do not try to put pressure on others with their authority. But the idyll ends at the moment when someone touches the self-esteem of the Twins.

Representatives of this sign rarely listen to someone else’s advice, but really do not like it when their opinion is disputed or simply ignored. They immediately try to draw attention to themselves by capricious behavior.

In addition, Gemini is very unstable and optional. They may not keep this word or, for no apparent reason, change their opinion to the exact opposite. Attempts to please everyone at once, and not just one person, do not end with anything good.


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One of the most impulsive signs. This is a source of headache for both Aries himself and his family, colleagues and friends. People born under this constellation tend to change their minds several times. Aries is also capable of destroying what it has been going for years in a matter of seconds.

Not only is the life rhythm of this sign volatile, so it tries to fine-tune others around it. Often these people are infantile and try to insist on their own, even if they realized that they were wrong. It is simply impossible to explain anything to them. Aries is not used to listening to other people’s opinions.

You cannot resist Aries: in anger he knows no bounds. Therefore, if you want to establish a relationship with him, do not expect a quiet life and be careful not to burn yourself in the flame that constantly burns in his soul.


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Opinions about this sign are contradictory, but the heavy character of the Scorpions is recognized by all. If you can’t achieve the goal with your mind and diligence, Scorpio will go ahead and show brute force.

These people do not forgive betrayal. They are ready to burn a man into their enemies for no reason whatsoever and take revenge at the first opportunity. But, if you manage to get the location of Scorpio, then you will get a smart and charming friend, a great conversationalist.

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